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When you drop people on a planet from a ship or pod, they form a base and begin collecting things on the surface. The more people that are in the base, the more they can collect in a turn. You can only have one base per planet but more than once race can share a planet. A ground base can attack other ground bases belonging to enemies on the same planet, if they win they will gain all the enemies goods for their own base.

You can also set friendly code and command codes to performace special base functions.

They are buildings on the planet, with each having a different function. [more]

Resources and Storage:
Bases have several resources and storage abilities. They can be carried from another base, built local, or gathered from the planet.

You can have up to 50 million each of colonists, crew, troops, high guard, and each native type per base. You are also limited to 50 million of each empire's colonists, crew, troops and high guard you have as prisoners. Each resource has it's own limit.

Need to keep those life forms living in your base happy so they produce taxes and breed. You want Natives to have 100 or higher happiness, and colonist to have 150 happiness or higher. Different races have different ways to keep colonist happy, with the borg alway having 100 happiness.[more]

To find a base you need to have a scan of it, and the chance to scan depends on base, race, climate, and number of colonist. If you haven't scanned an enemy base you can not attack it.

  • The more colonist you have, the more noise your base makes.
  • Bases on an astroids only make 1/16th the normail amount of noise.
  • Rebels on planets less than 30, or 60 to 70 temp range are harder to detect
  • Birdmen bases have about 1/20th the noise.
  • Privateer bases are more noisy.
  • Privateer ships get 200% when it comes to scanning enemy ground bases.

There are four methods of attacking a bases.

  • Ground combat where two bases fight each other with ground forces.[more]
  • Space bombardment where ships and fighters blast the base from orbit.[more]
  • The third involves super weapons and other special racial abilities.
  • And the 4rth, is with spy missions.

If you need further help with bases and did not see what you are looking for, try one of the following: