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Understanding natives is an important part of the game. More so for races like the privateers and rebels. But all races benefit from the use of natives.

Getting Natives:
If the planet’s natives like you they will move into your base but if another base is built on that planet and the natives like the other race more than your own the natives will leave your base and join the other race's base.

Natives will never join a Cyborg base on their own.

There are some devices where you can force natives into your base.

All Natives except Ghipsoldal get unhappy when there is a Privateer base near buy. All Natives get unhappy when there is a Rebal base near buy.

Natives on planets grow at 2% per turn under ideal climate conditions and 0% under the worse conditions. Ideal conditions for siliconids are a climate rating of 100 all other natives like climate ratings of 50 best.

Natives on bases grow at a rate of 2% if they are at 100% happiness or above. They grow at 0% when the happiness rates 0%. Climate does not affect the growth rate of natives that are safely in a base.












Big and very hungry. They can be very dangerous. They are attracted to bases that have a stock pile of Lerchin Spices in storage. However, they will not join bases of races that have over 80 PSI. Once in a base they will produce 1 kt of Lerchin Spices per 500 amorphous in the base. But on a planet it takes 1000 Amorphous to produce 1 spice.

They will attack and eat colonists, crew and troops living in a base on a planet. The Amorphous in the base will attack if there are any Amorphous on the planet attacking. If there are just Amorphous living in the base and no Amorphous living in the wild on the planet's surface no attack will take place. Every 300 Amorphous will eat 1 colonist per turn. Crystals are immune to this attack.

If all the colonists, crew and troops are completely eaten up the base is lost and the the contents of the base is spilled onto the planet's surface.

Glory Device will kill 15,000 worms per blast and create spice, food and supplies.

Amorphous Worms are NOT allowed on any planet with a ground base for the first 3 turns. If you build a ground base on a planet before turn 3, any Amorphous Worms on the planet will vanish.

Taxes: 0%
Produce: 1 Lerchin Spices per 500 natives if in a base. 1 per 1000 otherewise.
Likes: Lerchin Spices
Dislikes: Races with more than 80 PSI.


Beam weapon experts. They will sometimes manufacture beam Large Weapon systems for you when they are happy with your war efforts.

If you have 50,000 Amphibians with a happiness of over 75% they will build you randon number of large weapons of random types every turn. Most of the time it is only 1.

For each 200,000 Amphibians present, up to 8 weapons can be made of each successivly higher weapon type. Max would be at 4 million Amphibians, then you can possibly get 16 weapons of all weapon types. I think it is better to have then in 50k boundless.

  • Scavenger crawlers can gather 1 repair unit per 500 Amphibians.

Taxes: 100%
Produce: Random weapon if 50,000 on base and 75% happiness or higher.
Likes: Races that have high PSI ratings and high Dark Force ratings


Above average workers with a 200% normal tax income. They like races with high spy rating and rarely join the bases of races with low spy ratings.

  • Scavenger crawlers can gather 3 random contraband from 10,000 avians

Taxes: 200%
Likes: Races with very high spy rating and Birdmen.
Dislikes: Races with low spy ratings


If you have more than 10,000 Bovinoids in a bases all your factories on that base will increase their production, for every megacredit you spend you will produce two supply units instead of the normal of just one.

  • Scavenger crawlers can gather 1 supply unit per 1000 Bovinoids.

Taxes: 200%
Produce: Double factory production if 10,000 on a base and are 75% happy.
Likes: Races that have high light powers rating.
Dislikes: Races that have a high dark powers rating


Blood sucking, transdimensional psycokinetic monsters. Eat food, never pay taxes, hard to get rid off.

If they are under 80% happy they will eat up to 1/100 kt of food each, much less if they are more than 80% happy. They can eat up to 1/50kt of any type of contraband each regardless of their happiness.

It is tricky to get Chupanoids into a native pod. If their happiness is under 70% they will not get into the pod at all. If they are more than 70% happy there is still a 30% chance they will escape the pod before it takes off.

The ship device known as the Eye of Madagon will increase their happiness level to 300% and cause Chupanoids to instantly join with any base on the planet.

Also if you self destruct a pod full of Chupanoids, you will find them randomly on planets in a 350 ly circle, and they wont be happy, eating even more food.

If your colonists run out of food and start starving to death the Chupanoids will begin eating your dead and rapidly grow in number and happiness.

Never put Chupanoids on a pod with other natives, the other natives will turn into Chupanoids.

  • IMT can turn Chupanoids into troops, but they will turn back if they are not happy.

Taxes: 0%
Produce: They eat lots of food and contraband.
Likes: Eating your Food, Contraband and dead
Dislikes: Being poded off the planet.


Are lazy workers, producing only 10% the normal tax income. The more Kerria Crystal Artifacts you have the more likely they are to be attracted to your base.

If you have more than 50,000 Ghipsoldals on your base with a happiness of over 75% they will build 1 of each engine type for you. Subosibly for each full 100,000 Ghipsoldals, up to 16 engines (at happiness >110), of successively higher type, are created each turn. Production will max out at 16 of each engine type, with more than 2 million Ghipsoldals with a happiness >110. But I have not seen than, i see much better production with smaller 50k Ghipsoldals on many planets.

  • If a Ghipsoldal sees any ship of Cyborg design with in 100 ly, belonging to any race, there is a 50% chance they will send a distress call to all empires requesting help.
  • An entire planetary population of Ghipsoldals can be assimilated instantly by the The Cyborg King. This gives the Cyborg +1 engine tech if their king assimilates a population of 100,000+ Ghipsoldals.
  • Scavenger crawlers can gather 1 med unit per 500 Ghipsoldals.
  • Azcanny's will get 1 free Transwarp Drive for every 10,000 Ghipsoldals they have in the base.

Taxes: 10%
Produce: Free Engines if 50,000 on base and 75% happiness or higher. Usually 1 of each type, once in a while to 2. Cyborg Free engine tech
Likes: Kerria Crystal Artifacts
Dislikes: Terraformers, Cyborgs


Humanoids are good money producers, however they do get unhappy at higher tax rates

  • If a Humanoid sees any ship of Cyborg design, belonging to any race, there is a 50% chance they will send a distress call to all empires requesting help.
  • Cyborgs get 1/20 of a mega credit for every Humanoid that they assimilate.
  • If 100,000 humanoid natives are assimilated at one time by the Cyborg King in a single turn the Cyborg will get a free increase in hull tech.
  • Scavenger crawlers can gather parts to make a type 1 fighter for every 100000 Humanoid natives found on the planet.

Taxes: 100%
Produce: Cyborg free hull tech.
Likes: Races that have a high PR rating and Humanoid bases.
Dislikes: Higher tax rates, Cyborg


They are hard workers. They produce 300% normal tax income. They are close friends of the Robots. In fact they are the ones that build the Robots.

  • Insectoids will attack Enforcers and Aczanny.
  • Scavenger crawlers can gather 1 unit of food per 10,000 Insectoids.
  • Robots are built by Insectoids and have some very special uses for this native with their Insectoid Nests.
  • It takes 6 insectoids to assimilated into 1 Cyborg.
  • Reunited Coalition of Systems get +100 mining rate with 50,000 Insectoids on a base.

Taxes: 300%
Produce: Robots.
Likes: Robots
Dislikes: Races that have high PR, leadership, law rating, or PC rating. Hates Enforcers, Aczanny.


They are able to double the mineral mining rates on any base that has more than 50,000 living in the base.
  • Scavenger crawlers can gather 1 armor unit per 1000 Retilians.

Taxes: 25%
Produce: Double base mining if 50,000 are on base.
Likes: Races with high leadership and lizard like races.


Explosive and ordnance experts. Siliconoids produce only 8% of the normal tax income. If you have 100,000 or more siliconoids living on your base your ord production will be doubled. You will get exactly twice as much for the same amount of money.

  • When in a Crystal base, 50 Natives will produce 1 Ord per turn.
  • Scavenger crawlers can gather 1 ord unit per 333 siliconoids.
  • Cyborg can not assimilate Silicanoids.

Taxes: 8%
Produce: If Crystal 1 ord per 50 natives. Else double ord production if 100,000 on base and 75% happiness or higher.
Likes: Races that have high PSI ratings and Crystals.