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  Command Codes!

Command codes are used to activate and send commands to deep space objects that can understand them. Some very unique and rare deep space objects will respond to special command codes. Bases and ships can have command codes. Most of these happen after movement.

Ship Command Codes:
BDM Beam Down Metal, MC D T M Beam Down*
BDN Beam Down Fuel (All but 60kt)
BDA Beam Down All, MC D T M Supply Repair Troops Colonist HG Food Med
BDP Beam Down People, MC Tr Col HG
BDS Beam Down Supplies
BDO Beam down Ord (all but 500)
BDF Beam Down Food
BDC Beam Down Cash
BUO Beam Up Ord can also use ORD. Beam Up*
BUS Beam Up Supplies
BUR Beam Up Repair
BUS Beam Up Supplies
BUN Beam Up Fuel
BUM Beam Up Metal
BUC Beam Up Cash
BUF Beam Up Food
WPP (Waypoint Priority) causes ships to go to their waypoint before going to their intercept target or escort target. The ship will switch to the intercept or escort target as soon as waypoint is reached. A ship can move to a waypoint and then move in an intercept course during the same turn. Movement
WPF causes the waypoint to be used instead of the escort target for movement. If the ship has no waypoint set then the escort target is used instead.
LSD If you have a waypoint that is less than 50 LY light speed cuts off to save fuel. The command code "LSD" (LIGHT SPEED DAG-NABIT!!!!) overrides lightspeed auto cut off so you can burn lots of fuel and go very short distances or no where at all. It also allows you to intercept or escort at light speed ships that begin the turn right next to you. If you do not use the LSD code your light speed will cut off if your waypoint is set to a distance less than 50 LY, because your ship thinks it is silly to burn all that fuel just to move 50 LY.
JOE Only the escorting ships will jump point and warp chunnel will jump with the ship If the jumping ships uses the code only escorting ships will jump with the ship. If any ship uses the code and it is next to a jumping ship the ship using the code will not jump.
NCH No Chunnel or Jump
Can be used by Fuel Refinery ships to control what goods will be used to make fuel RF and the first letter of the metal. RFD, RFT, RFM, RFS. Still uses supply. [more]  
REC Causes the ship to recharge a minefield within 200LY with fresh ord instead of dropping a new field. The type of minefield will be the type the ship is set to drop. Only ships that can lay mines can use this code.  
R## Rebel Race command codes for ships. Any rebel owned ship can pretend to belong to another race by using the command code "R##" on the ship, where ## is any number from 01 to 30. Examples: R01 R02 Special Race Only
NID (Scavenger Q Ships only) New ID
MET (Aczanny Only) Cargo Desk makes a pod full of metal cargo
LSP Colonies: Virgo's light speed still activated after the movement
LSD Colonies: Virgo's light speed ON, even for insanly short distances.
NOT Colonies: Stops of training troops in ships.
NID Q Scavenger ships gets a new Id.

(*) Transfers takes place after movement. The transfer is from a ship to a base that you own. The codes only works for a ship that ends its movement over a base.


Base Command Codes:
TNT Destroy the base. You must have a ship in orbit and no colonists on the base. Destruction
EPA Destroys all mines on the planet(and smelters I think).
CIA Deletes the hull plans on the base (KGB)
USA Destroys all labor camps and labor mines on the base.(maybe other things too?)
ATF Destroys Cantinas
DOC Destroys old cities, causes all cites to be destroyed. (Not undercities though.)
NOO Stops the auto loading new ships with ord and repair units.  
NOG Stops base from gathering stuff from the planet  
GBA Give base away to another race on this planet, tries to give to an ally first. Other than that, no control over who gets it.
  • Colonist population must be under 2,000
  • Your base will be given to any other friendly race with a base on the planet.
  • You can not give a base to an enemy.
  • You can not GBA to a friend if an enemy has a base on the same planet.
  • All basic buildings are added to the other base.
  • Colonists, Crew, Troops and Highguards are not added - they simply vanish.
  • If the base is given to another player playing the same race, all special base buildings, Fighters and Assault Crafts are added to the other base, otherwise they are destroyed.
  • When two bases merge, the new base will have the command code and the friendly code of the base that had the most colonists at the time of the merge.".
  • The resulting base of a GBA command code also gets the attributes (ID, Happiness, Friendly Code) of the base that had the most colonists at the time of the merge, regardless of which base used the GBA command code.