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At the time of this writing 2/04/2006, the latest version was released on Dec 20th, 2005.

Download v4r21.exe (27.8 megs) *

To install the updates drop them into your planets4 directory and run the EXE, it will overwrite your existing EXE file with an updated file.

host196.exe Patch: May 21st, 2006HOST.EXE 4.000.196 920K Patch: Jan 4th, 2006 Planets4.EXE 1.56M

If those links don't work, go to the Planets 4 beta files page and download them.
There is also a list of chances in the change logs.

3rd Party Programs and Utilities:

Diplomat Combat simulation utility for VGA Planets version 4
VGAP4 Mapper Display, Edit and print maps
Ship Calculator Calculate the whole cost of your fleet, export ships to planets using qsp-files (Quick Ship Builder), ship, race, ground units and fighter viewer, colonist tax calculator, native join rate calculator, map viewer (comming in next release)
ScriptZ0r Allows you to create your own scenarios in the form of script files. Edit almost any aspect of the game right down to the smallest detail with this tool.
zSaveGameSlot Allows you to view old game turns by creating a copy of the game data from one slot to another.

3rd Party Races:
Not all races are included with the offical build.

Interstellar Master Traders

Download the race pack v8

IMT Homepaage



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* This game is shareware. Registered players are able to advance their technology further making them stronger. Also there are some other small side benefits as well. Registering for the full program costs $30 and you can purchase it here. If you own a previous version (3.0 or 3.5) it will only cost $15. It is best to contact him directly vial e-mail at cocomax at See what the difference is between shareware and registered players here.