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  Base Structures!

Structures are buildings on the planet. Each with has a different function. Some buildings need to have colonists work in them to do their job. Not all races have access to all structures. Many structures you only need one on a base.






















Air Academy

Train Aczanny crews with rate 60. Unlike Training Centers, no low population grown speed. And it doesn't train Troops or Highguard. An Aczanny only building.

Tech Level: 5
Cost: 60mc + 10 Supply
Maintenance: None
Limit Per Planet: 10000

Air Attack Base

Allows you to take a group of fighter craft and form a fighter wing. A fighter wing can travel through space alone or land in a carrier ship`s fighter bay. The air attack base preps the fighter craft with deep space fuel cells. Without an air attack base the only way a fighter can leave a planet is as cargo.

Tech Level: 10
Cost: 70mc + 5 Supply
Maintenance: 0
Limit Per Planet: 1 Per Race

Anti Aircraft Gun

Guns that target enemy fighters.

Tech Level: 8
Cost: 100mc + 10 Supply
Maintenance: 0, Uses: 1 Ord Per Shot
Limit Per Planet: No Limits

Arerran Capital

Farms produce 2 food 1 mc and 1 med unit. But only 12.5% mining, Allows you to build A. Interstellar Class Frigates and A. Odin Class Carriers in that base. Reunited Coalition of Systems only building.

If you have built either an Arerran Capital, Nawole Garden or Xelovi Hive in a base, you cannot build any of the other structures in the same base.

Tech Level: 5
Cost: 800mc + 100 supplies
Maintenance: None
Limit Per Planet: 1

Assault Plant

Each race can produce three different types of ground assault craft. Ground assault craft do not require any minerals to build. Assault craft will defend the planet from ground attack.

Tech Level: 12
Cost: 450mc + 70 Supply
Maintenance: 0
Produces: Ground Assault
Limit Per Planet: 1 Per Race

Base Shield

With one of these in place the only things that can damage your planet side buildings are super lasers and enemy ground assault forces. Ships can not otherwise damage anything on the planet`s surface belonging to your race. Base Shields also reduce the chances of being scanned by 25%.

Tech Level: 11
Cost: 10000mc + 100 Supplies
Maintenance: 10kt Neutronium per turn
Limit Per Planet: 1 Per Race


Every city that you build will need 2 food per turn in order to produce 100 units of money. This Provides a large amount of cash for most races. City decreases growth by .2%.

Tech Level: 1
Cost: 100mc + 100 Supplies
Maintenance: 2 Food
Units Production: 100mc
Requires: 100,000 Colonists

Engine Plant

Makes engines, hyperdrives, ship shields, generators and ship armor. There is no limit on how many parts can be made in a turn.

Tech Level: 4
Cost: 310mc + 70 Supply
Maintenance: 0
Production: High Energy Ship Parts
Uses: Megacredits + Metals
Limit Per Planet: 1 Per Race


Turns megacredits into supply units at a rate of 1 supply unit per turn per factory. You can throttle the production of the factories in the switches tab. Having 10,000 or more Bovinoids on a base will double the production of supplies.

Tech Level: 1
Cost: 3mc + 1 Supply
Production: 1 Supply per factory per turn.
Uses: 1mc
Limit Per Planet: No Limit


Produces food and money if the climate supports it. Each race has a different farming range. Most planets can support anywhere from 0 to 200+ farms. If two or more races are living on the same planet they must share the available farm land.

Tech Level: 1
Cost: 5mc + 1 Supply
Maintenance: 0
Production: 1mc + 1 Food
Limit Per Planet: Varies with planet soil type.

Fighter Plant

Allows you to produce 3 different types of you race dependant Fighters.

Tech Level: 4
Cost: 550mc + 15 Supply Units
Maintenance: none
Limit per planet: 1 per base

Government Center

Wires up to 10,000 mega credits to the Galactic Bank. Improves colonist happiness 5 points per turn. Improves the training of crew, troops and highguard done by Training Centers by around 10%, 5% and 1%. You can easily update the transfer of megacredits setting for this building from the Switches tab.

The transfer of money to the Galactic Bank happens after you Exotic Tech maintenance but before you pay for new ones.

  • The Holy Draconian Empire will generate an additional 400 MC per Government center and natives receive +5 happiness.

Tech Level 1
Cost: 100mc + 100 Supply
Maintenance: 5mc per turn
Limit per planet: 1 per race

Ground Sweeper

Sweeps all mines in the area and turns them into ord units. A Crystal only structure.

Tech Level 8
Cost: 500mc + 100 Supply
Maintenance: None
Limit per planet: 1 per race

Gun Zero

Has a range of 250 ly and can target all ships of hull mass 100 and above in range. Uses 100 ord per shot per ship and needs at least 10 robot colonists on the base for the gun to fire. The gun has 23% odds of hitting ships with a hull mass under 901 kt, it has 40% odds against ship with a hull mass between 901 and 1500, the gun has 65% odd of hitting ships with a hull mass greater than 1500. The weapon will do 15% to 90% hull damage per hit. A 100kt hull will take 90% damage and a 850kt to 1700kt hull will take 15% hull damage. Ships with hull masses of over 1700kt mass will take 49% damage per hit. This device can not be used on ships that are fully cloaked. It can be used on ships with active cloaking devices that are generating more than 400 units of sensor noise and ships that have been made visible by a laser mine detonation. Robots build these buildings.

The damage begins at 90% for a hullmass of 100 goes down to 15% at a hullmass of 850, stays there until a hullmass of 1500 and jumps immediately to a value of 49% and stays constant at this value.

There is also a Gun Zero Tool that can do all the calculating for you.

Tech Level
Cost: 30,000
Uses: 100 ord per shot per ship
Limit per planet: 1 per race

Hyper Lathe

Produces 10 food, 3 megacredits, 1 supplies, 250 ord, 5 molybdenum, 2 tritanium, 8 duranium, and 3 fuel using hyperdimensional stress. It can also heats the planet if the climate is less than 96. This defaults as off so be sure to turn it on. Crystal only building.

There is also a Hyper Lathe that can do all the calculating for you.

Cost: 40
Supplies: 5
Tech Level: 3
Limit: 10000


Heats the planet 20 points to climate level 100 (max) using 1 Hyperdimensional Stress. Another Crystal only Building. Building defaults to off, so be sure to turn it on.

Cost: 10
Supplies: 10
Tech Level: 1
Limit: 10000

Insectoid Nest

Converts small soft warm blooded natives into two Insectoid hatchlings, mines fuel. Builds up to 100,000 new robots a turn using 100 kt of tritanium. This is the only way to build new robots. This building is Robots only.

Attracts and converts 3% of all enemy colonists within 30-400 ly into 4 new insectoids each or 1/2 for every Cyborg colonists taken. Robot, Crystal, and Solorian colonists can not be converted. The enemy will not get any message that this is going on.

Max range is: 100ly+Turn_Number*5ly AND SQR(Colonists+Insectoids)/5

Insectoid nests can mine up to 500 kt of fuel from the planet's core per turn. 2000 Insectoids can mine 1 kt of Neutronium and produce 20 MC and 40 Ord. This results in max 10,000 MC and 20,000 Ord per turn.

Tech Level: 1
Cost: 300
Supplies: 100
Limit Per Planet: 100

Ion Cannon

As powerful as a ship based weapon and a great number can be placed on a planet. Useless against fighters, assault pods and armored ground assaults. Any hit from an ion cannon will knock a ship away from the planet.

Tech Level: 13
Cost: 300mc + 1 Supply
Uses: 1 ord per shot
Limit Per Planet: No Limit

Kings Palace

Each palace produces 1000 megacredits in the galactic central bank. (These central bank megacredits are sometimes called galactic credits or GCs) The palace will produce 100 megacredits for the base. Also if your high guard (King) is at the base the megacredits on the base will increase by 8%.. For example if you have 1,000 megacredits sitting at the base they will be increased by 80 to 1,080. Can only be built and used by Cyborgs.

Your high guard (King) will build one automatically on any planet he is on spending 5000 megacredits without using supplies even if you do not have high enough planet tech level.

Tech Level: 3
Cost: 5000mc + 500 Supply
Uses: Produces 1000mc in galatic.
Limit Per Planet: 1

Labor Camp

Only “cruel” races can build these. Requires enemy prisoners to produce supplies and 10mc each. The Evil Empire can make 40mc per camp. Each camp holds 100 prisoners.

40% of the time there are problems in the camps that can cause zero production or even a small loss of supplies, money, or population. Cyborg refuse to work at a labor camp. The Evil Empire are able to produce four times the normal income levels from prison camps.

Labor camps effect the morale of the entire enemy race being held in the camp.

Tech Level: 1
Cost: 2mc + 1 Supply
Maintenance: 0
Production: Supply and Mc.
Limit Per Planet: No Limit

Labor Mine

Production: Pure metal + 10mc each mine. The Evil Empire produces 40mc per labor mine. Labor mines produce 100% pure metal and 0% ore.

Tech Level: 1
Cost: 3mc + 1 Supply
Maintenance: 0
Production: Depends on the mineral richness of the planet
Requires: 100 Enemy Prisoners

Laser Cannon

Targets enemy ground assault craft and ground troops. Does not use any ord. Can not target space fighters or ships. Has its own built in power source.

Tech Level: 9
Cost: 170mc + 1 Supply
Maintenance: 0
Uses: 0
Limit Per Planet: No Limit

Market Place

Earns 15mc for every city on the planet, including allies. A Centaurs only building.

Tech Level: 5
Cost: 700mc + 1800 Supply
Maintenance: 0
Uses: 0
Limit Per Planet: 5

Med Lab

Converts X number of Food and megacredits into med units.

Tech Level: 3
Cost: 425mc + 2 Supply
Maintenance: None
Uses: Converts 1 Food + 1 MC= 1 Med
Limit Per Planet: 1

Metals Exchange

Sell metals to make money. It will convert ALL metal in your base (but not allies' bases on the same planet) to cash for the rest of the game. For this reason, you must not build it on your homeworld, but a nearby colony. Interstellar Master Traders only building.

  • 1kT Dur --> 4mc
  • 1kT Trit --> 3mc
  • 1kT Moly --> 2mc

Tech Level: 6
Cost: 1000mc + 500 supplies
Maintenance: None
Production: Converts metals to cash.
Limit Per Planet: 1

Military Spaceport

This unit is able to build just the ship hull and do all the final fitting together of ship parts. It can use ship parts that are in storage. There is no limit on how many ships you can build in 1 turn.

Tech Level: 2
Cost: 100mc + 1 Supply
Maintenance: 0
Production: 0
Limit Per Planet: 1 Per Race

Mineral Mine

Mines for all 4 different types of ores at the same time. Mines produce 75% metals and 25% ore. Production rate depends on the mineral density of the planet the mine is located on and your races mining skill. If your race can build smelters, mines can also do some smelting work.

Tech Level: 1
Cost: 5mc + 1 Supply
Maintenance: 0
Limit Per Planet: No Limit, more than 50 will decrease colonist happiness, even if turned off.

Nawole Garden

Taxes sent to galatic bank is doubled, natives grow twice as fast, and the base is able to build N. Willow Class Survey Ships and N. Everygreen Science Vessels. But farms only produce .125 food each. Reunited Coalition of Systems only building.

If you have built either an Arerran Capital, Nawole Garden or Xelovi Hive in a base, you cannot build any of the other structures in the same base.

Tech Level: 1
Cost: 120mc + 10 Supplies
Maintenance: None
Limit Per Planet: 1

Ordnance Plant

Produces combat ordnance or ord. 10 Supply + 100 Megacredit >>> 100 Ord. Can set the scaling in the switches tab.

Tech Level: 4
Cost: 600mc + 20 Supplies
Maintenance: 0
Produces: Ord (Combat Ordnance)
Uses: Supplies + Megacredits
Limit Per Planet: 1 Per Race

Part Factory / Ship Repair Shop

Produces repair units that can be used to repair ship damage. Every KT of duranium used yields 100 repair units. The cost of producing 100 repair units is 1 mc.

Tech Level: 4
Cost: 400mc + 35 Supplies
Maintenance: 0
Produces Ship Repair Units
Uses: Megacredits and Duranium Metal
Limit Per Planet: 1 Per Race

Pirate's Cove

The Pirate's Cove will steal 10% of the enemy's contraband and food per turn from each base within 200 ly. The Cyborg are completely immune to any effects from this building. This is a Privateer only building.

Tech Level: 1
Cost: 500mc + 1 Supply Unit
Maintenance: none
Limit per Planet: 1 per base

Pod Pad

Launches pod into space and allows for the transfer of cargo from planet to planet without the use of ships. Can also dock with ships. It costs 25MC to launch a pod into space.

Tech Level: 2
Cost: 15mc + 1 Supply
Maintenance: 0, 25mc per pod
Production: 0
Limit Per Planet: 1 Per Race


Public Space Port

Attracts more natives to your planet and improves the happiness of both natives and colonists living on that planet by 5 and 10 points. Adding more will only improve colonist happiness.

Can gather most natives from planet surfaces in 300ly.

  • You don't need to have any natives inside the base for this to work.
  • Don't need contraband to atract Ghipsoldals and Amorphous
  • Chupanoids will not bases this way.
  • Insectoids will not join the UEA.
  • Amorphous will join the EE.
  • You have increased chances for natives to join if you already have that type in your base, and if they are happy.
  • Siliconoid will join Borg

If there is another space port in range, the natives will migrate to the planet where that native is happiest.

The public space port can also attract(create) a random number of new colonists and natives.

Tech Level: 3
Cost: 500mc + 10 Supply
Maintenance: 10mc per turn
Production: 0
Limit Per Planet: No Limit


It attracts natives and increases their happiness. It also generates a small monthly income of 15MC. Other races can use the Racetrack. A Centaurs only building.

+5 native happiness bonus and a +5 native attraction

Tech Level: 5
Cost: 850mc + 120 Supply
Maintenance: 0
Limit Per Planet: 3

Raid Shelter

Better than nothing at all. Protects the population from attacks from orbit, but is only able to protect the lucky ones that can make it to the shelter before being attacked.

Tech Level: 2
Cost: 10mc + 1 Supply
Production: 0
Protects: 100,000 Colonists
Maintenance: 0
Limit Per Planet: No Limit

Redistribution Center

Converts Contraband into more acceptable products, for each contraband you get 1 MC, 1 Supply, 100
ord, and 3 Food. This is a United Enforcement Authority only building.

The Contraband Lockdown device doesn't stop this building from converting contras.

There is a Redistribution Center Tool for calculating this for you.

Tech Level: 6
Cost: 100 supply and 400mc
Production: 1 MC, 1 Supply, 100 ord, and 3 Food per Contraband.
Limit Per Planet: 1


Increases colonist happiness by up to 30 points a turn. Can generate 0 to 6 colonists per resort per turn per 1000 colonists on the base. It will do this even when the Shokazul Pulse is active. Attracts natives. In order for a resort to operate it needs ten units of food, two units of supplies. Only some races can build these, including: The Feds, Lizards, Birdmen and People's Army.

Tech Level: 5
Cost: 1000mc + 500 Supply
Maintenance: 10 Food + 2 Supply
Limit Per Planet: 1 Per Race


Under normal conditions the scanner can scan for objects in space at a distance of about 100 LY. Can easily detect large fast moving ships, has a harder time detecting and identifying very small and very slow objects. Much more quiet than ship scanners.

Tech Level: 7
Cost: 100mc + 1 Supply
Maintenance: 0
Limit Per Planet: 1 Per Race


Each smelter has 4 refining chambers that can handle up to 10KT of raw ore per turn. Each refining chamber is designed to handle one of the four common ores. Turns 2 ore into 1 metal.

Tech Level: 1
Cost: 90mc + 1 Supply
Intake: 10kt to 40kt of ore
Production: 5kt to 20kt of metal and fuel
Limit Per Planet: No Limit, more than 10 will decrease colonist happiness.

Smuggler's Cantina

Produces a random number of random contraband up to the number of Smuggler`s Cantina on the base. Low population bases have very little chance of producing contraband. The more you have, the higher your crime levels will be.(less growth rate and unhappiness) So have lots of troops and highguard to reduce crime. 1000 colonists are required per Cantina.


Tech Level: 1
Cost: 10mc + 1 Supply
Maintenance: 0
Limit Per Base: 10,000

Stellar Matter Launcher

Fires a blast of energy at space craft at a long distance. The device requires 40,000 ord units to fire. The planet must have a ship in orbit over the base with a Stellar Targeter turned on and a kill target set. The blast will be fired at the kill target object if it is in range.

Firing the weapon causes 300 points of HD Stress in the planet under the base. The weapon fires after all movement is done and only can damage things in space, it does no damage to ground bases. The device has a blast power of (5000 + 90 * (StarHeat * 6 - DistanceToTarget))/HullMass.The Launcher has a maximum range of Heat * 6 and has a blast radius of 20 LY. The power of the blast decreases by 5% every LY out from the blast center. Or just use the Stellar Matter Launcher tool to calculate how much damage one will do.

This is very nice for attack and defense.

Solorian craft are not immune from the blast. Crystal X Field causes energy feedback creating even more stress. Gravitonic mines do not have any effect on this anymore. Each Maelstrom Cannon can reduce 1 stress per shot.

There is also a Solarian Stellar Matter Launcher tool that can do all the work for you.

Tech Level: 6
Cost: 5000MC + 100 supply
Maintenance: 40,000 ord and +300 stress per shot
Limit Per Planet: 1

Tech Institute

Generates contraband that you can sell in your base and 300mc that goes strait to HQ. Requires 100,000 colonist to run. It is good to keep a large stash of Illegal Books on bases to create maximum amount of contraband. This is a University Alliance only building.

Stim-Bright Pills = Colonists / 100,000 + (Illegal Books * 0.01)
Illegal Books = Colonists / 450,000 + (Illegal Books * 0.1)

  • The maximun Illegal Books created per base/turn is 1000.
  • The maximun Stim Bright Pills created per base/turn is 202.
  • Having more Tech Institutes on a base does not produce more Contraband.

There is a Tech Institute Tool for calculating this for you.

Tech Level: 4
Cost: 3000mc + 200 Supply
Maintenance: None
Production: 300mc for HQ and contraband.
Limit Per Planet: 5 per base


Each unit can change the climate of a planet by 1 point. Uses 1 unit of fuel + 1 megacredit + 1 supply unit per turn when terraforming.

Tech Level: 6
Cost: 1000mc + 10 Supply
Maintenance: 0
Production: 1 Point of climate change Uses: 1 Fuel + 1 Megacredit + 1 Supply Limit Per Planet: No Limit

Training Center

Trains your colonists to be Crew members. Trains ship crew to be troops. Trains troopers to be High Guard rangers. You will need at least 1 High Guard present to convert Troops into Highguard. Training rates varies with different races. The more food, training centers and troops you have the more high guard you will train with a maximum of 1000 High Guard per base per turn. It can train 1 extra High Guard for every food unit over 1000 units it has. Training center decreases growth by 1%.

A Government Center will help Training Centers increase the training by 10% for Crew, 5% for Troops and 1% for Highguard.

Tech Level: 1
Cost: 50mc + 5 Supply
Maintenance: 1mc per turn
Limit Per Planet: No Limit

Under City

Under cities are underground completely shielded cities. In order for an under city to produce a 80 mc income per turn each under city needs two units of food. Under cities increase your colonist`s happiness and increase their rate of population growth. Colonists in an under city can not be harmed by orbital attacks.

Undercity offsets city's .2% drop. Does not give .2% if there is no city. Rumored that undercities also gives .1% increase in growth, maxing at 30 undercities, regardless of the number of cities in the base.

Tech Level: 13
Cost: 200mc + 100 Supply
Maintenance: 2 Food
Production: 80mc
Requires: 100000 Colonists
Limit Per Planet: No Limit

Weapons Plant

Makes small ship weapons, large ship weapons, supper weapons, and point defense systems. No limit on how many weapons can be made in a turn.

Tech Level: 4
Cost: 1000mc + 50 Supply
Maintenance: 0
Production: Ship Weapons
Uses: Megacredits + Metals Limit Per Planet: 1 Per Race

Xelovi Hive

300% mining, Free smelting of ore, 150% local base income. But Only 12.5% (instead of 30%) of the tax income is sent to the Galactic Bank, Government Centers transfers in unaffected. This base is allowed to build X. 240 Comb Class Escorts and X. 1260 Royal Class Heavy Cruisers . Reunited Coalition of Systems only building.

If you have built either an Arerran Capital, Nawole Garden or Xelovi Hive in a base, you cannot build any of the other structures in the same base.

Tech Level: 3
Cost: 800mc + 100 Supplies
Limit Per Planet: 1