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Mines are deadly objects in space. Often times you do not even know they are there till after you hit them. Some races have a harder time detecting mines than others, and some mines are harder to see or can be cloaked. The chance to hit them depends on how fast your are going and what type of mine they are. There are 5 types of mines in this game: Barbitic, Gravitonic, Laser, Web, and Nova.

Each has it's own power to last it many turns. But once that power is up, the mines disappear. You can recharge the mines by telling your ship to lay a new mine of the same type and setting the ships command code to REC.

When you lay a mine field, you ship uses ord, and the size of the field depends on the amount of ord you use. Hosts have the ability to set a max mine size, but mostly the max size is determined from how much ord a ship laying the mines can carry. You can't add mines to already laid minefields, you always make a new overlapping one.

Minefields can be "cloaked", which turns off their function as mines but makes them difficult to see. This is the basis of several trap tactics, where people lay cloaked minefields around a valuable target and detonate them all together if enemies arrive. You can also turn off a mine, you may want to do this with grav mines from time to time. Nova mines can not be turned off.

If you are attempting to sweep minefields, the owner might detonate them, detonation happens before movement and mine sweeping, so if you are inside a minefield you are in trouble if the owner notices you. Laser and Grav mines can be swept even if they are cloaked. Only the Robots can sweep cloaked Barbitic or Nova mines.

If you go slow, mines wont affect you unless the owner detonates them. To travel through web mines your speed needs to be 6 ly or less, others at a speed of 13 ly or less. You can go a little over this speed and have relatively no practical chance to hit a mine. Cloaked ships do not have a reduced chance of hitting mines.

Setting your ships UFC (Universal Friendly Code) to match the mines UFC, you will be able to move through their mines as if you are that race. Grav Mines will still knock you out of hyperspace.

Minefield Types:


Basically normal mines.

When detonated will do 22% hull damage to a 100kt mass hull ships.

As a rule of thumb, a ship of 200kT mass or greater can survive a single mine hit, ships under 100kT will be destroyed.

The damage on Barb mines have been recently increased so they are far more deadly.


Useful against hyperjumping ships and fairly useful in general.

Grav mines knock ships in hyperspace, out of hyperspace. You cannot HYP out of an active (uncloaked) Gravitonic Minefield. Even your own!

Grav Mines have 2.6 times more likely to hit an enemy ship, than a barbitic. Grav Mines do 1/10th the normal damage of a Barb Mine damage(max 10% damage)

Rebels have difficulty detecting grav mines.


Good against fighters but only marginally useful against anything else. If you hit a laser mine your sensors go out completely.

Laser mines can be swept even if they are cloaked.

Laser Mines will destroy a random number of fighters. Exploding laser minefields destroy free (undocked) Wings within them, of whatever size. The RCS type 3 Fighters are immune to hits from lasermines.

Laser Mines raise the warp sig of the unit striking them by 20%. Exploding Laser minefields increase the sensor image of whatever is inside them by a huge factor.

Only exploding lasermines will destroy them.

Laser Mines are 5.2 times the barb mine chance to hit an enemy and do heavy damage to ships under 60kt, but do no more than 3% damage to ships over 100kt.


Do little damage but essentially trap you in glue. A Crystal ship ability. Webs can be laid by anyone if they capture a Crystal ship.

Web mines do 20% engine damage if you run into one, and your ship comes to a dead stop in space. The Cystal race uses their X Field device to drain Repair Units from nearby ships, leaving your ship stranded and ready to be captured.

Webs hit all pods, ships and Wings unless they are traveling at 7LY/turn or less. However any ship built by a Crystal player can travel through a web minefield without any danger of hitting a web mine even if owned by a non-crystal race.

Crystals are immune to damage from detonating web minefields.

Web mines do 10% engine damage to stationary ships if the Web field is exploded. Sitting in a web field does no damage to your ship. If you detonate overlapping Web minefields, they do not destroy each other. They each do 10% engine damage. In this way the Crystals can do extreme engine damage.

Their X Field will capture ships with >100% engine damage.


A Robot specialty, essentially are combined Barbitics and Grav mines.

Fighters are immune to hitting Robot Nova Barbitic mines.

The big thing about Nova mines is that if you have a fleet inside the radius of a number of normal (barbitic) minefields and they are detonated, your ships only get damage from one minefield. Unless they are Novas. So if your fleet is tricked into entering overlapped Nova mines, it is almost certain to take very heavy damage. They also can not be turned off.

Nova Barbitic mines do twice the normal damage that a Barbitic does when it is detonated. Nova Barbitic will do 44% to a 100kt mass hull ship. A robot ship of any size takes only 3% hull damage from a Nova Mine

Getting Rid of Minefields:

Mine Sweeper

Some ships have a device called Mine Sweeper. It can destroy one mine field per turn that it is in. Mine sweeping happens after movement.

Having this device turned on makes your ship easier to see (+50 sensor image noise), and your scanners range reduced by 50%.

Glory Device

This device will clear all minefields whose centers are within 50LY of its detonation point, even if they are cloaked. It is a popular method of clearing paths through walls of mines.

Stormer has two hulls with this device.

Overlap barbitic or Nova mines

Overlap a barbitic or Nova minefield with the center of the field-to-be-swept. Detonating the Barbitic / Nova field destroys any minefields whose centers are within it.

Mine Field Destabilizer

has an 80% chance of sweeping one field per turn at a distance of up to 150LY. If it fails to destroy the first one it finds, then has an 80% to destroy the next one and the next one. It can only destroy one minefield a turn.

It makes no sensor noise.

It can destroy cloaked, inactive mines and even your own mines. It does not work against Web mines or cloaked barbitics.


Mines have a set amount of power, and each turn it uses up one of that power. Also each hit the mine delivers uses up power as well. So a desperate race with lost of resources could in theory sent so many ships to overload a mine field. You can also do this with pods launched from bases.

This is a good way to get rid of web mines as the pods are not destroyed.

New mine fields start out with 20 points of energy.

Minefield Tools: