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All of these exist in a spreadsheet I have created, and when I can I port them over to here so this is always under contruction, The tool is working if you see a Calculate button.

The minefields damages are out of date and not correct. I need to remake the growth rate calculator, and the boarding laser is not finished.

Special Buildings

Special Units


General / Misc


Solarian Stellar Matter Launcher

Star Heat:
Your Hull Size:

Expected Damage:
Max Distance:

  • Damage = (5000 + 90 * (StarHeat * 6 - DistanceToTarget))/HullMass.
  • Max Distance = Star Heat * 6

Robot Gun Zeros

Your Hull Size:

Expect Damage:
Hit Odds:

Max range is 250, and a gun will automaticaly fire at all in range. Each ship can be fired on by multiple Gun Zeros. Cloaked ships with sensor noise under 400 are also immune.

Detonating Minefield Damage

Hull Size:
Minefield Type:

Expected Damage:

Grav mines max at 10% Hull/System damage per hit. Barbs also do double system damage.

*This is from data I consider out of date, will update once I get more information.

Size of Laying Mines

Amount of Ord Used:
Minefield Type:

Size of Minefield:

  • Web mines = Ord^(0.45)
  • All Other mines = Ord^(0.4)

Basic Ship Boarding

Your Race:
List how many of each are you using to board with
High Guard:

Boarding Method:

Their Race:
List What they have on the ship you want to board

High Guard:

*This is not exact! It doesn't take into account that High Guard get to attack multiple times and some High Guard have special abilities in boarding actions. Only use as a guideline.

Calculate Growth Rate and Training

This tool is being re-written, so there will be some issues/errors/whatever.

Your Race:
High Guard:
Government Center
Training Centers
Tank-O-Tronic Cloning: A B C
Cyborg King Present: Yes No

Ending Colonist:
Ending Crew:
Ending Troops:
Ending High Guard:


*This does not take into affect the random nature of Public Space Ports or Resorts in their addition of new colonist.

This also assumes the option 100 turns of food for optimal growth is on.

Happiness and Tax Income

Max Structures By Population

Number Of Colonist:

You can have mines, farms, and Factories.

UA Tech Institute

Illegal Books:

New Illegal Books:
New Stim-Bright Pills:

  • Illegal Books = Colonists / 450,000 + Illegal Books * 0.1
  • Stim-Bright Pills = Colonists / 100,000 + Illegal Books * 0.01
UEA Redistribution Center

Contra Purchased:


  • 1 Contra = 1 MC, 1 Supply, 100 Ord, and 3 Food

Est Toal MC value:

  • Total = MC + Supply + value of Ord + Value of food
  • Value of Ord = 11 mc (10 mc+1 Supply)
  • Value of Food =Food/3 * (Enslavement taxes for 100k people + 1 city ).


Evil Empire BT7 Crawler Production

BT7 Crawler:

X45 Battlebots:
Imperial Battletank:

  • Each BT7 Crawler Produces 15 X45 Battlebots per turn
  • 100 BT7 Crawlers will produce 10 Imperial Battletanks per turn. This a the maximum tank production level.


Crystal Hyper Lathe

Total Stress:
Delta Stress:
Hyper Lathes:

Food Per Turn: Est. MC Value:
MC Per Turn:
Supplies Per Turn:
Ord Per Turn:
Molybdenum Per Turn:
Tritanium Per Turn:
Duranium Per Turn:
Fuel Per Turn:

Turns of Max Production:

  • 10 food, 3 megacredits, 1 supplies, 250 ord, 5 molybdenum, 2 tritanium, 8 duranium, and 3 fuel
  • Est. MC Value = Food / 3 *( Enslavement Taxes for 100k colonist + 1 City).


Privateer Lady Royale Income


Privateer River Royale Income

Cyborg King Interest

Cash on Base:
Tax Income:
City Income:

Interest Made:
Taxes Made:

If you had a king on a planet, never spent a dime. This will only take into effect Cities, Taxes and Intrest. And those would be remaining the same.
Turn 1 Cash Turn 6 Cash
Turn 2 Cash Turn 7 Cash
Turn 3 Cash Turn 8 Cash
Turn 4 Cash Turn 9 Cash
Turn 5 Cash Turn 10 Cash

  • The King at a base will cause megacredits at the base to earn 8% interest a turn
  • The Cyborg King will increase the tax rate of the planet it is located on by 300%.
  • Cyborg King does not affect City, Farms, etc.


Gather Contraband
Prisoner Income Hitting Minefield Damage
CoM Celestia Income

Magic 8-Ball

Each ship captain has a magic 8 ball they differe to when making discisions. It is only fair that you should have access to it too!

Type your question and click ask to learn the answer...

Your Question:

Magic 8 Ball says:


Base Cost

Working on this soon

Government Center:
Amount of Ordinance:
Number of Factories:
Hyper lathes:
Base Shield:
Number of Public Space Port:
Under City:
Number of Training Centers:

Total Costs:


Blasting Privateer Bases

Number Of Colonist:

Hidden Stash: MC, Fuel, Ord, and Repair

  • For every 300 privateer colonists you blast you get 6 megacredits, 2 fuel, 12 ordnance, and 3 repair units.

Thanks to Chainsword for some help with the code.