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  Metals Fuel and Ore!

Metals exist in the core of most planets. The density of the metals governs how fast the metals can be extracted from the core.

You dig metals out of the ground using mineral mines. These mine pure metals ready to be used to build new ships. Mines also extract metal ore as a byproduct. Metal ore is useless until it is refined into metal using smelters. Some races can not build smelters, for them metal ore is completely useless. Mines produce 75% pure ready to use metal and 25% ore. Mineral mines have a small smelting unit built in that will convert ore into metals. They work at a maximum rate of 30 kt per turn per base. To refine more than 30 kt a turn you will need smelters. Your mining rate is doubled if you have 50000 or more Reptilian natives living on the base.

It is a great idea to send out ships loaded with colonists, some supplies, and megacredits and set up mines on as many planets as possible. Each mine requires 100 colonists to run it.

Metals can be smelted by the Ore Processing ship device. Some ground units can mine for metals. The Labor Mine ground structure produces metals and money for you.

Ships with laser mining drills or particle fountains ship device can extract pure metal from the core of a planet from orbit. Laser mining drills and particle fountains have the side effect of heating up the planet`s surface and increasing the hyper dimensional stress of the planet`s core. The higher the stress of the core the faster new minerals will be produced in the core of the planet. The laser mining drill and particle fountain does not increase the stress of the planet if it fails to drill any metals from the core.

Smelters do not require a population to run, unlike mines that require 100 colonists each.


If you have more than 50 mines on a single base you will start to run into problems, more than 50 mines will start to cause a decrease in the happiness of the colonists living one the base. 51 mines will cause a drop of 8 happiness points a turn on the base and every 5 extra mines above 51 mines will cause another 1 point drop in happiness. When colonists happiness gets below 20 the colonists on the planet will begin to destroy 10 mines a turn until happiness once again is above 20. The Cyborg are immune to these effects.

Planets with more than 600,000 colonists and over 20 mines will also experiance a slight drop in happiness due to mining.

Having more than 5 ore smelters on a planet can also cause a happiness drop. Every 5 smelters will cause a 1 point happiness drop on the base if the base has more than 40,000 colonists living on it.

You can use the base command code EPA to command all mines and smelters on you base be destroyed. This is useful on old mined out worlds that you wish to begin to turn into a major population center.

Metals and Fuel:


Neutronium is not a metal but a fuel used to powers starships.


Hard metal that makes great armor


Strong metal used to construct ship superstructures


Energy conductor, using to build engines and weapons


Metal ore is a waste byproduct produced by mines. Mines produce 75% pure ready to use metal and 25% ore. Ore is useless, but can be converted into pure metal by smelter units. Some races can not build smelters, for them metal ore is completely useless. The Privateers are one race that does not have the ablity to build smelters.

Mines can act as light duty smelters if you have one or more mines on a base they will process a total of 30kt of ore a turn for free. Mines will only do this for you if your race has the abilty to build smelters.

Some ships have ore processing devices that can convert ore into metals.

Ore can be transported from planet to planet inside of a ore pod. Ore pods can be placed inside of a ship cargo bay or launched from a planet bay a pod launch pad and travel without the aid of a ship