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  • Ship Screens
  • Fighter Screens
  • Base Screens


Ship Screen


Intercept, Escort, and Waypoint are movement options. They tell you where you are going.
Kill, Capture, Tow, and Transfer are opportunity options. You will complete these orders while doing your movement options.

You can also set up to 5 different Wayoints and visit each point in a single turn if your ship speed is fast enough.

Transporter This allows you to transport to different objects in space, from bases you are over, to enemy ships. You can only transfer to one object at a time unless you use command codes.
Damage Options for auto repairing and displaying how much damage you have taken.
Attack Options for combat. Right now, your ships act more like drunken sailors with the options changing very little.[more]
Data Displays ships stats, and weapons.
Cargo Pod Bays and Fighter Bays.
Devices many ships have have special ship devices that give it extra capabilities.[more]
Build Some ships are able to build other ships with out the need of a base on a planet.
Mission Scanner power settings, the more power, the farther you see and the easier time people have to see you.
Friendly code,
Command codes are other predefined missions you can order it to do.
Fleet Group up ships and have them share ord, fuel, and repair units. Also makes managing several ships to act as one a lot easier.
Mines Some ships can lay, sweep, or gather mines. You can set the amount of ord to use when making the mine as well las the type of mine to lay. The more ord you use, the bigger the mine field will be. If you lay mines in an existing mine field, it wont make it bigger, they will overlap. [more]


Fighter Screen:



The wing overview screen as most the features of the ship overview screen . From this screen you can turn on and off most fighter controls, set the friendly and command codes, set the speed, and set navigation targets. The mini nav screen in the middle of the screen can be used to quickly set a new waypoint.


You can change the name of the wing and you can leave a message to yourself in the lower log line. Everyone can see the wing`s name, but nobody can see the log message.


This is a screen that you most likely will not need to use very often. What makes this screen handy is it shows all the current nav targets and lets you access them.


The fighters have a short range scanner with about a 25ly range. Using it makes the fighters more visible to enemy scanners. Turning on the ID transmitter makes the fighters very easy for enemy ships to see.

If your fighter`s friendly code matches an enemies` universal friendly code the fighter can pass through enemy space without being intercepted by ships on with auto intercept turned on.

Auto intercept enemy ships will have the wing attack any enemy object that enters the wing`s patrol range.

Command codes are used to send commands to nearby objects that can understand them or to activate special fighter devices.


Quick strike will have the fighters make one pass on the enemy target and run at full speed away from the battle area.

Anti fighter has the wing attack enemy fighters first if possible, the wing will attack other targets if no fighters are in the area.

Ground strike allows the wing to target ground bases, even ground bases that are not firing at the wing.

Close to Point Blank orders the wing to get as close as possible to the enemy before firing the weapons.

Deadly First will have the wing attack the enemies that have the most weapons first.

Soft First will have the wing attack enemy pods and freighters first.

Do not launch orders the wing to stay on its ground base or in its fighter bay on its home ship. If wing is on a ship that is destroyed the wing will be destroyed as well.


This display shows you the detailed statistics for each of the fighter types in the wing.


Base Screens


displays what is on the planet`s surface. Items that are outside of the base. The colonists will go out and gather up resources and contraband from the planet`s surface and store it in the base. You do not have control of the above listed items.

Life Shows the number of life forms on the planet and in the base. Also displays their happiness. This screen does not show what is in other empires bases on the same planet.

This is the screen that you can use to select which buildings you would like to have built on the base.

The only items needed to build any of these structures are supplies and megacredits, metals are not needed to build ground buildings.[more]

Pod Pad  
Minerals Mines extract the unmined minerals from the core of the planet. The mines yield 75% pure metals and 25% ore. The ore is refined into metal or fuel at a rate of 2 ore units yielding 1 unit of metal or fuel. The rate that the mine is able to extract ore from the core of the planet depends on the density of the minerals and the race that is doing the mining. The higher the density the more minerals that the mines can extract per turn.
Contraband You can buy and sell contraband here. The only thing you need to know about contraband is that you sell it for money.[more]
Switches The power switch screen displays all structures that currently exist on the planet. The structures that are currently turned off will be shown in red text. Pushing any of the structure buttons will bring up the structure`s sub screen.
Planet displays what is on the planet`s surface. Items that are outside of the base. The colonists will go out and gather up resources and contraband from the planet`s surface and store it in the base. You do not have control of the above listed items.
Stats There are 3 screens to this tab. The industrial screen displays the production and consumption.
Ships You can build ships at any ground base that has a military space port. It is helpful if the base also has an engine plant and a weapons plant. From the base`s ship build screen you can select a hull type and parts to be placed on the ship. You can only use parts that have already been built and are in storage. The new ship will appear next turn.[more]
Parts The ship parts ordering screen allows you to place an order for more ship parts, fighters and ground assault craft. If you have the metals and money the items will show up the next turn in the base`s parts storage area. You can place orders for things that you do not have the metals and money to build. The items will be built at a later time when you have the metals and money required. You can change your order at anytime. All parts orders are saved from turn to turn and do not go away unless you delete them or the item is built.[more]