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Just some tips from using the interface, to habbits while playing.

Keep colonist happy, get natives, scout around, have insane amounts of food on high population worlds, at the end of each turn leave some MC and supply unused, have 1 high guard on everything of importance, better economy = better war machine, and be aggressive.


Efficient fuel use

The best way to conserve fuel is to open the ship's NAV screen. In the bottom left corner there is a slider bar below a graph. This is superior to the Speed Setting control on the Ship Overview screen because, the graph indicates the efficiency and you can see when to increase speed slightly.

Incidentally, the NAV screen speed control shows you estimated fuel consumption for all way points, while the Speed Setting control on the Ship Overview screen shows est. fuel to get to just the next way point.

Resource Rings

Zoom Out and hold the control key down to make the garbage(way points, ships, etc) go away. While doing this, use the resource rings, this is a quick way to find what is on planets with out having to look at each individual one.

High Guards

Have at least 1 High Guard on every ship, and bases of importance. The first high guard is the most important. High guard help stops spy missions, and ship boarding is the only time high guard fight.

At one time, HG use to help ships fight better, that might be put back in. But it is still the case for fighters.

Nav Screen Use the Nav screen when you plot multiple points in space. It will show fuel used and distance for all way points.
Protecting Pods

When sending pods of value, dock the pod into a ship and have the ship take it to it's destination. This is also faster for most people.

Pods full of colonist are very, very valuable.


Food is much more important than might be obvious at first. It has become a key bottleneck to growth. You need large stockpiles of food on a base to ensure decent population growth This is a setting on the hosts. Default is 100 turns of food to get the growth bonus.

Also food is needed for training, look at your planets military screen.

Diplomacy Unlike Real Time Stratigy Games (RTS), you have time to think, and make deals. Make use of it, trade, and set up aliances, no matter how fleeting they may be.
Trading Pods To land pods on alied planets you need to tell it to doc with the base.
Weapon Loadout

When loading weapons on a ship, do you best to have one type of large weapon, as you have better chances of overloading the pointd of the other ship and scoring hits.

Force Beam, Fusion Cannon, Disrupter Cannon, and the Blaster Cannon are good low level general purpose weapons. A note about the blaster cannon, they are very slow firing, better used on heavier ships with delay ship turned on.

Point Defense

Use Holo-decoys on ships in fleets, or against ships like the Deth Spec using photon torps. They use a lot of ord, and can be countered.

Use Flake Cannons early game anti-fighter and pointd, but Micro Sand Caster are a much better pointd. I continue to use Micro Sand Caster on most ships as point d rather than Intercepts because of cost and speed.

Also for anti-fighter, a mix of Turbo Lasers and Micro Missile Launcher seams to work best.

Small Weapons Stick with Pulse Lasers unless you have exitocs.