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Base Bombardment

When a base is engaged in space combat, any fighters at the base will become wings. All of the fighters of each individual type are put into separate wings, up to a maximum size of 1000 fighters per wing. These wings are named Home Guard and will dock with the base after combat is over.

Ground Combat

Ground combat where two bases fight each other with ground forces.

You can end up capturing prisoners if your force is large enough.

Space Combat


Space combat involves fight wings, ships and pods. They generate VCR's if the co,mbat cuases any damage, but if the ships equipt are not able to do each other dammage no VCR is generate and you only get a message of the event.


Other Combat

There are other less direct aspects that can be considered a form of combat.

  • Spy missions.
  • Special racial abilities that undermine others economy. Such as robots and Privateers.
  • Stealing Ships/Cargo.
  • Mine fields