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  Point Defense!

Defensive weapons that are used to destroy attacking fighters and intercept incoming weapons fire. If the weapon scored a hitting blow, it then checks to see if it is intercepted.

For general purpose (anti-fighter and intercepting) you will be looking at the Flack Cannon, Auto Blaster, Turbo Laser, and Quad laser. Otherwise you can put a mix of Intercept incoming weapon pointd in the first slots, then anti-fighter ones in the last slots.

During combat, the pointd in the first slot that is ready to fire will be the one fired at incoming fire. So it is best to use your best intercepting's ones in the first slots.


Holo Decoy

Every 10 decoys decrease all the enemy`s accuracy by 1% (including fighters and ground base ion cannon etc). I would use them on fleet ships, not ones intended to fight alone, as you need many holo decoys present to make a real difference. Particularly effective against Photon Torpedoes (ie Stormers). HD's use quite a lot of Ord. Decoys last about 100 seconds and you can have a max of 250 deployed.

Every shot from the Large Weapon Sand Caster will destroy 15 Holo Decoys.

35mm Vulcan
don't use these, it will drain all your ord and isn't very accurate. Can also fire at small weapons. Has a 70% chance of stopping a Streak Missile
Flake Cannon
anti fighter/General purpose. Also effective against small weapons (ie Swarming races)
Concussion Rockets
Useless, despite being the ONLY weapon that can stop a sandcaster shot. 60% odds of stopping the sand. 30% odds of shooting down an Energized Sand Caster round.
Micro Sand Caster
Decent anti weapon, but no use vs fighters (range too low).
Auto Blaster
poor range means it will rarely fire against fighters. +20% odds vs Ord Weapons; can fire at small weapons; uses 1/3 power when firing at small weapons
Turbo Laser
OK against weapon fire and fighters. Can kill up to 3 week fighters in one shot and fires 3x faster than most PD. But anti-fighter range of just 90 means it is much less effective than you think.
Quad Laser
OK as a general purpose PD weapon. +40% versus ord-using weapons.
Micro Missile Launcher

best anti fighter weapon by a long way due to range of 230. But no use against incoming weapon fire.

When they hit fighters, the whole wing tends to get angry and come in closer where other pointd can fire at them.

Best at intercepting incoming weapon fire. No effect at all on fighters. Opposite of Micromissile.


Combat Data:

Charge Rate Full Charge Anti-Fighter Range Anti-Fighter Accuracy Blast Power Ord Usage Hardness Intercept Fire Accuracy
Holo Decoy 1 1 - - - 1 50 0
35mm Vulcan 1 1 10 20 1 4 10 10
Flake Cannon 1 1 70 35 2 1 35 -10
Concussion Rockets 3 3 25 10 15 1 20 -40
Micro Sand Caster 3 3 10 10 1 1 30 40
Auto Blaster 3 3 30 45 3 0 65 0
Turbo Laser 3 3 90 35 2 0 60 0
Quad Laser 3 3 110 60 4 0 90 0
Micro Missile Launcher 3 3 230 70 5 1 40 10
Intercept 3 3 0 0 10 1 75 90


Tech Level Cost Cost Of Tech
Holo Decoy 1 20 400
35mm Vulcan 2 2 200
Flake Cannon 3 15 100
Concussion Rockets 4 10 300
Micro Sand Caster 5 40 1300
Auto Blaster 6 110 1400
Turbo Laser 7 120 4200
Quad Laser 8 350 1400
Micro Missile Launcher 9 830 3200
Intercept 10 970 6000
  • Charge Rate: The amount of power the weapon draws from the ship when it is charging.
  • Full Charge: Its fully changed, ready to fire, level. Anti-Fighter Range: Range that the weapon can begin firing at enemy fighters.
  • Anti-Fighter Accuracy: The odds that the weapon will hit an enemy fighter.
  • Blast Power: The amount of damage it will do to the fighter or other target.
  • Ordnance Usage: Number of ord units used per shot.
  • Hardness: The level of damage to the weapon systems that causes this weapon to stop working.
  • Intercept Fire Accuracy: Odds of hitting incoming enemy weapons fire.
  • Cost Of Tech: The cost to reach this new tech level. In addition to paying this you must already be at the tech level just below this tech level. For example: If you are currently at tech level 8 in large ship weapons and you wish to go up a tech level the cost is 100mc. You can only buy the next tech level and you can not increase your tech level in any one area faster than one level a turn.