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Money in the Galactic bank can only be spent at the headquarters, unless your the Colonies Of Man. For money to get in the galactic bank, you need a government center and to set funds up for transfer.

Also, this is the only place you can go to increase technologies and buy exotic tech.

Tech Levels Your empire needs to buy tech levels so that you can build more powerful ships and weapons. You pay for tech levels with money in your central galactic bank account.[more]
Exotic Tech When you have an excess of money in your central galactic bank account you can use it to buy exotic tech. You have to pay for exotic tech each cycle, if you fail to make the payments the exotic tech goes away.[more]

You can spend central galactic bank money on spies that can gather information or do damage to one enemy empire. The more money you spend the more spy power you will have for spy missions.

Some races are better than others at spy missions.[more]


The tax setting is universal it applies to all your bases at the same time and can be changed at any time. Taxes are collected from all the colonists in your bases. Troops, crew and high guard rangers do not pay taxes.

You will collect the most money the fastest using enslavement, however enslavement can cause unhappiness slowing down growth rate.

Ministers Save time by issuing commands to multiple objects at once.