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  Ship Damage!

A ship can take damage to different parts like its engines or its shield generator. Repair Units are needed to repair the damage.

Taking Damage:
Ship take damage from incoming fire, minefields, and spy missions.

Different ship parts get damaged at different rates. Depending on the weapon used and the ships vulnerabilities.

You can see your ships damage on the Damage screen, and on the overview screen.

You are able to see enemy ships damage and shield levels. But not the exotic shield levels.

Repairing Damaged Ships:
Repair Units are used to fix damage done to ships. Repairing happens well after movement and battles. So you could repair the damage you take the same turn.

To repair the damaged parts, you need repairs, and to set the repair control for that part of the ship to on. (See right)

The speed of repairing depends on your race, and the part to be repaired. And for most races, there are penalties for repairing alien hulls. [more]


Effects of Damage:

  • 1% (Fed 50%) make your ship open to boarding
  • 100% your ship is destroyed
  • Alien Hulls are slower to repair, at a maximum rate of 5% per turn.
  • Ships without engines do not take engine damage.
  • x% Engine damage reduce warp speed by x%
  • Crystal X Field attempt to capture an enemy ship that has 100+ engine damage or more.
Hyper Jump Drive
  • 1% Stop ship from hyper jumping
Weapons This applies for all weapons: Super, Large, Small, and Point Defense.
  • The weapon stops working once the damage matches the weapons hardness.
  • World Crusher Missile will not fire if the ship firing it has Weapon damage
Power Generator  
Shield Generator

Even though shields are recharged after each battle, it can take damaged too.

  • 1% (Fed 50%) make your ship open to boarding. Ships with no shield generator can be boarded.
  • X% damage decreases shield by X%
Control Systems
  • World Crusher Missile will not fire if it has system damage
  • 1% (Fed 50%) make your ship open to boarding
  • 25% stop Tachyon Emitter
  • 51% stop warp drive
  • 94% stop Hyperdrive (Need to test)
  • 100% stop all weapons
Life Support
  • At 100% the crew begin to die at the rate of


Misc Facts with Repairs and Damage:

  • The Borlox Armor Exotic Tech can be used to repair armor for free.
  • Blasting a Privateer base from orbit will uncover Cash, fuel, ord and repair units. For every 300 privateer colonists you blast you get 6 megacredits, 2 fuel, 12 ordnance, and 3 repair units.
  • The Solar Federation get a Scotty Bonus where they can repair and restore shields during combat.
  • Ships with Organic armor can not be refitted or repaired with normal armor units.
  • Energy Mines will destroy 100 to 200 repair units upon impacting the ship when the shields are gone.

Scotty bonus:

  • Federation ships with at least one High Guard and less than 90% system damage
  • Each tick in combat provides a 1% chance all system damage will be repaired
  • 3% chance of 10% hull damage being repaired
  • 5% chance of 20 points of shields being restored
  • 2% chance of all weapons damage being repaired