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  Crystal Light Ship!


Tech Level 10
Mega Credits 2000
Duranium 113
Tritanium 10
Molybdenum 401

Cargo and Holds

Fuel 2800
Ord 1000
Repair 5000
Cargo 300
Pods 20
Crew 300
Guests 200


Max Speed 120
Max Hype Jump 400
War Drag 125
Warp Signature 180
Scan Range 870
Tractor Beam 6000
Ship Mass 524

Engines and Power

Engines 8
Generators 5
Power Bank 300
Attack Bonus 10
Large Weapons 6 / 15kt
Small Weapons 16
Super Weapons Super Laser
Fighter Bays 2
Wing Bay Size 100


Evasive Bonus 30
Point Defense 8
Max Shield 3000
Max Armor 10


Parts / Hull 70
Control Systems 110
Engines 130
Hyperdrive 100
Lifesupport 123
Soft Spot 1

Ship Devices:

Gravitonic Mine Dropper Barbitic Mine Dropper
Laser Mine Dropper Web Mine Dropper
Mine Sweeper Array Crystal Inferno Device
Minefield Destabilizer Crystal X Field
Long Range Mine Detector Mind Crusher
Scalar Wave Damper Soil Sterilizer