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  Simple Strats & Tactics!

This is just some simple tactics and strategies to use while playing the game. All or most races are able to complete these to one degree or another.


If you park three or more ships in orbit round an enemy world, it is blockaded. This means you can stop enemy bases evacuating by firing pods away. It is a very useful tactic for ground assault races because it gives you time to bring up a suitable ground assault force to capture the population and enslave them.

If the victim can end a turn with a single ship in orbit round the planet, the blockade is broken.

The ships should have Attack Ground turned off, but attack enemies on.

Evil Empire have some ideal Ships to use with this; Moscow(prevent selling contraband)

Boarding Ships

Generally best with High Guard. Two important boarding rules:

1. Defending CREW: x10 strength bonus defending.
2. Colonists attacking in boarding actions are worth 10% their combat value.

Chup Bomb

If you get a planet with a large number of Chupanoids get them into a native pod and docked with a ship. Send that ship into enemy territory and when you get close enough set the native life pod to self destruct.

Chupanoids will be raining down all over a 350 ly area. They will be very hungry and very mad when they land, if you are lucky he will run out of food over time on many of his planets.

Mine Field Trap

Make multiple overlapping mine fields in a location where, either you predict the enemy will go or where you coerce him to be. About 10 fields should do, depending on the type. Set the mines to cloak/off. This turns off their ability to hit things, but makes it a a lot harder to detect and remove.

Once the enemy is in the overlapping fields, set them all to self destruct.

Capture Prisoners

You capture prisoners when you bring forth such a host of troops and ground units that strike the enemy into surrendering.

They key is to send lots of High Guards. Killing power is good for killing and winning, but shock and awe will get them to surrender after the first battle.

Ramming The bigger the shields and armor the more ramming damage both ships can take and survive. The PERFECT ramming ship would be a small fast cheap ship with a very high attack bonus and big shields. High attack bonus ships can avoid ramming ships.
Range Load ships with high attack with Photon torps and set the stand off range to 900. Can be immensely powerful if used en masse that overload the enemies Point Defense systems. Streak Missiles and Tachyon Gun can be used for long range Small Weapons. Do this on ships with high attack bonus as you miss more often the further out you are.
Priveteers Easy Ship Steal Steal all the fuel from ships, leaving it stranded and keep help away. The send in Roayls to steal the crew away until you have sucked it dry. Send crew to take over the empty crew space.
Moscow Lockdown

HYP the Moscow in to enemy space with contra lock down on and scanners off. Park it over an unowned world [lowers its sensor image] and watch him go insane trying to find the ship while not being able to sell his contra hoards. Then HYP in and capture his contra planets.

Works best when early enough where they don't have the resources to deal wit hthe solution.

Anti boarding / Cloaking tactics
  1. More erratic motion will caused the one trying to board a great deal of grief.
  2. Laying some traps expecting to be boreded. (Mines, other hidden ships, ship devices, race abilities)
  3. Lay a big minefield and reversed instead of advancing. Works great when they use intercept.
  4. Keep lots of HG/Troops filling up the crew space.(should be the first thing you do when expecting to be boarded.)
Dealing with Range races

This example is mostly agaist Stormers and their never mis ships, using range and photo torps to kill you. As your point defense is useless, and you will be getting hit alot while chasing their ship, just use holo decoys instead.