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  Turn Order - Simplified!

When the Host gets all the turns and processes them all together, there is an order in how things are done. This is very important else you may end up doing things or not doing things.

Example: A privateer can steal all the fuel off the ship, but the ship gets to transfer fuel after that happens. The ship that was thought to be stranded now has fuel to use in the current turn.

This is my nice little "Host order of events for Dummies". Where I basically sum up the meat of the order of things in ten steps. Or you can read a more complete Host order of events.

  1. Mine field commands.
  2. Ship building, Pod launching, Wings are formed. Most pods dock.
  3. Contraband sold, Money is made, techs bought, funds transferred.
  4. Population growth
  5. Fast Hyp ships do their jump now
  6. Some Ship Devices. (Assimilation of Natives, Boarding lasers)
  7. Begin Ship movement. Transfer cargo and Combat work during the movement phase.
  8. Most Ship Devices and Command Codes.
  9. Ground combat
  10. Jump Gate movement