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  Lady Royale!

Good light warship and carrier. Cheap enough to be used as such compared to other privateer hulls. But its real use is in it's generation of income and being able to steal enemy crew away from their ships.

Tech Level 7
Mega Credits 25
Duranium 100
Tritanium 100
Molybdenum 40

Cargo and Holds

Fuel 1450
Ord 1000
Repair 500
Cargo 10000
Pods 2
Crew 7000
Guests 9400


Max Speed 120
Max Hype Jump 0
War Drag 110
Warp Signature 180
Scan Range 210
Tractor Beam 0
Ship Mass 240

Engines and Power

Engines 2
Generators 1
Power Bank 100
Attack Bonus 10
Large Weapons 2 / 150kt
Small Weapons 4
Super Weapons --
Fighter Bays 1
Wing Bay Size 50


Evasive Bonus 10
Point Defense 4
Max Shield 3000
Max Armor 280


Parts / Hull 125
Control Systems 125
Engines 115
Hyperdrive 120
Lifesupport 110
Soft Spot 0

Ship Devices:

Siren HAARP Gambling Deck
Show Lounge