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Pick JC's real name and face, and then pick the skills that you want to start off training. For now, I'd suggest getting swimming, lockpicking, and then a weapon of choice.

To pick your weapons, realize that throughout the game, most enemies carry either 10mm ammo (For pistols) or 7.62 ammo or buckshot (For rifles). You don't stumble across a whole heck of a lot of rockets, plasma charges, or massive amounts of ammunition for any heavy weapon. But when you start the game, think of what kind of weapons you'd like to be carrying throughout the

Me, I tend to prefer pistols. However, the way you want to make your character is totally up to you. You can pass the game with any given skill set. However you feel most comfortable playing is the most important part.

Now that we have our skills, we get dropped off at the good old statue of liberty.

Liberty Island, NY:
Once you've landed, grab the crowbar by the stash of boxes to the right, and smash up the two general supply crates to grab some binoculars and a lockpick. Turn around and find the steps into the water on the left side of the dock. Take a dive and turn left, and swim into the cage, smashing the two boxes in there to grab a biocell and a multitool.

Word of advice: As you start out, you wont need biocells that much, but later in the game when you have a lot more augmentations that suck up a lot of juice, you're going to be thankful for all the biocell energy you can grab. So stockpile them now.

Now climb out of the water and follow the dock down until your brother catches up with you. After a short and sweet briefing, he'll give you your choice of a weapon; select whatever best suits your character. I wouldn't suggest getting the crossbow though, because you'll find one on an enemy shortly. The GEP gun is the only weapon offered that you won't find on Liberty island.
You can get a sniper rifle from an terrorist near the main entrance. So, you might want to chose the GEP gun. It makes for a great can opener when you're trying to conserve lockpicks.

Once you've finished talking to Paul, head towards the entrance and grab the goodies in the boxes to the left. Now, before you go storming into the entrance, keep your eyes peeled for an NSF guard that likes to come trotting by. If you're good, you can get the NSF guard to follow you and then your UNATCO security bot will waste him.

Now, head inside and go left a little bit. Push the crate a little to hop onto the small platform, smash the box and grab a grenade. Sneak by or silently kill any guards that come roaming towards you. Take note of the fact that this stack of crates (The one with the gas grenade on it) has a couple of
UNATCO medbots inside of it. On the bottom stack, on the side that faces out, there is a small door you can pick or blow open. It has the UNATCO medical logo on it, so it's hard to miss. Inside are three medbots to heal you up. Go past the wall behind where you got the grenade and loot the corpse in the path to get your mini-crossbow, if you need one. Then head inside the walls
to the UNATCO HQ. You can't get in yet, but you can find some goodies around the area.

Once inside, you can talk to Kaplan. When you do, if you select the first talk option that comes up he'll offer to sell you some stuff. You don't have enough cash to buy the scope (Why would you want a scope on a pistol? Seriously) but you can buy 10mm ammo or some tranquilizer darts if you wish. He'll also tell you the code to the vault: 0451. You'll take note of that. Also notice that
whenever you get told a code, you usually don't have to remember it. Press F2 to bring up your goals menu, and the lower half shows codes and other important information.

Battery Park, NYC and Hell's Kitchen, NYC:
When you land, Anna will talk to you and tell you that you must exterminate everyone inside, and says that the front way is the only way in that she knows of. When she takes off, follow her to the front door of Castle Clinton. Bash open the crate here and take the ammo. Now run around the outside of the castle, breaking open any crates you find to get some 7.62mm ammo and some 10mm ammo. Now you have three choices.

One way in is just as Anna says: the front door. This tends to be a little more difficult but its very easy to lure them out front to let the UNATCO agents take care of them. The other way in is if you picked up the strength augmentation earlier. Go around to one side until you find a stack of 3 large
crates. Grab a small crate and hop onto the lowest big crate. Then turn on your strength augmentation and push off the large crate on top, revealing a little passage blocked by small crates. Move them out of the way and you're inside. Now when I did this, most of the NSF troops inside ran out front to get killed by the UNATCO guards, leaving no blood on my hands. Handy.

The third way in is to find the kid near the docks where you came in. If you have some food, offer it to him, and he'll tell you about an entrance behind the soda machine. Pick the lock on the panel next to it and enter the code that the kid gives you, 9183. However, this takes you somewhat far out of your way. I'll let you find your own way around down there (At least until I
explore it a bit more) =) Now bash open a crate to get some 7.62mm ammo, then head into the central building. Usually you can find a kid in here, and if you give him some food he'll give you a clue to what the terrorists are up to. Check the bookshelf in the front for a key, used to open the door leading to the stairwell. In the crate that's next to the kid that can be lockpicked you find a biocell and a datacube that gives you the code for the stairwell down, which is 666.

Head down and round the corner and you'll find two doors, the lower one is locked. Go in the unlocked door and whip out a silent weapon to take out the guard below. Proceed down the steps carefully, because there is a camera and a turret above to your left. Carefully head left, avoiding the camera and smashing the boxes for a medkit and some ammo. Head to the room that was on the other side of the stairs to find the container of ambrosia. Alex will contact you telling you to go back up and talk to agent Navarre. Do so and she'll meet you out front, ordering you to go east and clean up the hostage situation in the subway.

You can check the shacks around here for some locked containers that don't contain anything special, other than biocells, lockpicks, tools, and ammo. When you're ready, you can either head into the subway through the main entrance or you can climb through one of the many tunnels leading there. One tunnel entrance is just to the left of the main subway entrance itself. It's up to you, and whatever you think you're ready to handle.

Battery Park, NYC and the Mole People:
We're back in Battery Park. Head towards the subway again.. you can talk to some of the bums and search some houses but you won't find much useful other than a medkit.

Head down and talk to the man next to the subway car. For 500 credits, he'll tell you the password to find out the code in order to get to where the mole people are. So, either pay him 500 for the password and then take the password up to Curly in one of the shanties to find out the password, or waste a couple of multitools on the keypad to get down. Or, if you saved the man from the thugs at the basketball court in hell's kitchen, you wont have to do any of that. The code is 6653.

Now we're in the Brooklyn Bridge Station. Talking to a few people around here yields some interesting information. The man in a brown coat walking around on a platform tells you that he needs you to turn on the water flow in the back room, but that room is blocked, so you need a LAM to get back there. But if you don't have a LAM, you need to go onto the upper level and talk to the leader of the Rooks Gang, El Rey. He's on one of the far sides. He'll either sell you the LAM for 750, or you can get it for free by taking out the drug dealer downstairs. The choice is up to you.

Once you have your LAM, go into the corner behind the guy who told you to clear it out (you have to walk on the tracks to get back there) and chuck a LAM inside to clear out all the stuff. Hop over the pipes (You might get hurt by the steam) and then turn both the valves. Head back out and talk to Charlie again, who will tell you where the keypad is and the code. So head to the women's restroom and type in the code, and voila, you're among the MOLE PEOPLE!

Go down the ladder and head right. There's quite a few terrorists in this area, and most have access to an alarm, so be prepared. You can question one of the kids, and he tells you where their leader is hiding. Go into the far right corner, and smash the two cardboard boxes there. Beneath them is a brick that you can push. Do so, and it opens into where the leader is. He surrenders and gives you the key to the men's bathroom.

Go back to where the ladder was, but instead of climbing up it, head past it and follow the tunnels until you reach the men's bathroom. Open it up using the key and head through.

Now you can either disable the security beams by the box on the wall, or you can go right and brave the steam. Either way tou have to jump over some pipes (If you can't make that final jump, jump onto theexposed part on the wall where the pipe hits it for a little more height). Once you're through, avoid the security cameras and take out the guard. Take his key to unlock the door to the next area.

Now, you can either disable more security fields, and quickly hop across the supports that fall out from under you after standing on them a few seconds, to the area ahead. Or, you can climb in the grate on the left. It leads into the water in front of you, but in one corner of the depths you can swim ahead to the next area. They both lead to the same place.

Hell's Kitchen, NYC Revisited:
Jock drops you onto the roof of the 'Ton Hotel. Head down and inside the front door. Sandra is talking to her father. He'll ask you for your pistol eventually; whether or not you want to give it to him is up to you entirely. But stick around in here. JoJo will come walking in and start raising a ruckuss. When he opens fire whip out a weapon and take him out. One less punk in NYC.

Head upstairs to Paul's room. He's sitting in the corner being sick. He'll tell you to head to the NSF headquarters and broadcast a message for him. You can check in the secret room again for a few more goodies. Head back outside and then follow the tunnel that's past the bar, and it will lead back to the NSF headquarters. Isn't that so much easier than rooftop hopping? Here, Paul will tell you what you need to do. I really hope you have hacking skill, otherwise getting the pass to the computer is a PAIN! You have to go downstairs and bypass a lot of security and blah blah blah,
just for a stupid code. BUT if you do you can find out a lot of dirt on UNATCO that Paul was talking about. But you already hated UNATCO, right? =) I'll save you the trouble of heading down there and tell you that the two logins are MCOLLINS and NAPOLEON, and the password for both is REVOLUTION. So head to the roof and input both the codes. On the first computer, select ALL the options in order and then go into the newly opened door and input the second code, and select the only option. Now put on some ballistic armor and load up your assault rifle, cuz there's gonna be some ass-kicking to do.

Head downstairs, avoiding as many firefights as possible, or you can try hopping down a few levels. Either way, haul your sweet pootang back to the hotel and talk to your brother. While you're talking some agents will start knocking at your door. Now comes a critical turning point.

You can either let your brother DIE by running out the window, or you can stay and help him. There are a LOT of agents gunning for your brother, though. So I hope you have a lot of ammo. Crouch behind a chair or something and peek out keeping your assault rifle at head-level. The nice thing about the Men in Black is that they EXPLODE when they die, so if they explode amongst several enemies they all get taken down with them.

As soon as the oncoming onslaught is out of the way, Paul will escape. Now you have a couple of options. You can run out the front door, guns blazing, wreaking havoc, and DIE. Or, you can head out the window and hoof it for the subway, using the code that Paul gives you (6282 I think.) Hop on the train and head upstairs.

UNATCO HQ Underground Facility:
Yes, I realize that the game doesn't -tell- you where you are, but just trust me on this, okay? When you wake up, if Anna Navarre is alive she'll come and taunt you a bit. Move towards the door and some...THING... will contact you and tell you that they're going to cut the power so you can get out. Wait a moment and the door will open. Freedom! Horrible horrible freedom!

Look right and sneak over towards the desk. Skillfully avoid the guard and grab the baton and read the datacube on the table for the code to the cells. Head back and open em up. You can find a medbot in one to heal you up if you need it. In another cell you can find Miguel, who will help you bust out of this place.

Soe of the drawers to the right of the desk can be opened to give you some goodies. Smash the crate to grab the prod while the guard is out of earshot. Find a hiding spot away from the camera, and pop out when the guard walks by to zap him. Grab the pistol off his corpse and hoof it for the door. The code to the door is on the same datacube.

The.. thing.. will tell you to head south, towards Robot Maintanence. Go in and turn left, heading up the staircase. There's a couple of guards here that will want to make your life miserable, but you can avoid most of them. Head to the opposite side and down the hall, up the stairs. Take out the guards with your 10mm or your prod. The code to the armory can be found on the furthest desk.

Head back downstairs and keep heading south, going back downstairs and hoofing it for the southern exit. Now, there's two -big- security robots in here, but there are also two entrances into the armory. Sneak around the robot and punch in the armory code. Inside is a security camera and a guard; I recomend sneaking past the guard and upstairs, where you can find a security panel. You can use this to disable the security robots, and, if your hacking is good enough, you can turn the turret on the guard downstairs. And no blood on your hands.

Downstairs is all your equipment, plus some extra goodies. If you hack the computer you can find the code to the plasma rifle upstairs, if you're into that sort of thing. But it takes up a -lot- of space in your inventory so be prepared to dump a whole bunch of stuff.

Ahh, it feels good to be armed again, doesn't it? Now head -all- the way back north, through the robot maintanence facility and past the jail. Go past the jail and you'll come to the command facility. Step through the doorway and turn around, and go through the doorway next to the one you just stepped through, which leads to the medical facility.

On your way in, a doctor will stop and tell you the code to the medbay. On your right is an area with a lot of guards and a Man in Black. Other than an augmentation canister and some goodies, there's no real reason to go in there. Still, augmentation canisters are fun.

Hong Kong:
Oops, looks like we've been detained! Jock will tell you that if you can turn off the weapons lock he can destroy the door that's locking you in. So, find a grating behind the chopper that you can open and hop in. Follow the path and go into the first grating on the left. Grab the multitools, the key, and read the datacube on the table. Crawl back into the grate, turn left and then take
your first right, and then left again. Use the code from the datacube (99871) to flood the lower levels with toxic gas. Hurry back out through the vents and back the way you came to get back up to the helicopter.

Go through the door on the left side and down the stairs. Most of the guards should be dead from the gas, but take care of the few remaining, if any. Loot their corpses and then head upstairs. If you have a LAM handy, place it on the second locker from the right and then back downstairs, and shoot the LAM. It will open all the lockers up there, and in that locker you placed the LAM on is the key to the control room. If you don't have a LAM then you can just pick the lock on that locker.

Head back upstairs and up another flight of stairs and use your key to unlock the control room. Press the weapons lock button and Jock will take down that door. Run over there, taking care to avoid the security bots, and make your way through the collapsed door to the elevator. The code is 989.

- Hong Kong: Wan Chai Market -

When you walk in Jock will tell you not to mess around because your killswitch only has 12 hours left. Head straight and hack the ATM for some cash, turn right and then find the big red building. When you're next to it Jock will tell you that he dropped Paul off here several times. Make your way around it and find the entrance. Talk to the guard there and he'll send you on a mission to talk to Maggie Chow who lives on Tonochi road. Find the sign that points to Tonochi Road. There's a hallway that either leads downstairs to the Lucky Money club or straight to Tonochi Road.

Keep following the signs until the Tonochi Road sign points past a destroyed bridge. Unless you have the super speed augmentation, head past it and go through the small bridge at the end of the overhang and backtrack to the Tonochi Road signs. Head through the underpass and you'll be on Tonochi Road. 1313 is on the left through the big glass doors. Go around the desk and press the elevator call button on the left. When you get upstairs the maid will greet you and take you to see Maggie. Here she'll ramble on about politics, and eventually you'll either tell her that Paul is dead, or Paul is alive and well. When you're done, you have several options.

If you're a multitool kind of guy, head to the corner that's near the elevator that has a lamp hanging in that corner. Use the lamp and it will open a secret passage. Be careful not to do this when the maid is around or she'll whip out a 10mm on you. Head through and BE SILENT as you pass by the security beams. Use your multitool on the door and you'll find the sword. Another way if you're a hacker with lots of ammo and a ballistic vest or two is to go upstairs in her apartment and use the security terminal on the podium in the meeting room. Here you can open up the secret passage that the Buddha statue was hiding, but you'll get a lot of angry guards as a reward. Take them out and then kill Maggie and her maid if you wish, and then head towards the sword room.

Versalife Facility Revisited:
Swim through and hop onto the pipes and crawl into the open drainpipe. As soon as you're through, look right and read the datacube for the code 768. Go left and then crawl through the vent near the end on the right. Open the grate above and climb up, and put in the code 768 to open all the doors. Once you're through them all, press the button to lower the platform. Now, be quick, and press the button once it's back down, and scoot along the platform to the other side. Now turn around and go underneath.

If you have a lot of multitools, you can disable the security beams. If you don't, find a scramble grenade, walk through the beams, chuck it between the two bots, and hide. The two bots will go at it, and when one of them is destroyed then the other one is easy pickins for an EMP grenade or a LAM. Take out the commando ahead and then hack the computer, selecting both options. If anyone knows how to unlock the doors without hacking, let me know. Go right and then climb down the ladder. Go to the center, and use some multitools to grab the augmentation canisters if you need them. Find the ladder down on the outside of the platform and go down. If you didn't kill
Maggie Chow in her apartment, she will confront you. After some chit-chat she'll whip out her own dragons tooth sword and start hacking at you with it. Kill her before she gets the chance.

Now find the keypad that's on a small podium underneath a camera. Input the code that Daedalus gave you (525 I think) and watch. Daedalus will tell you that you can't get out the way you came, so you have to go through the tunnels beneath. Hop onto the bottom platform and then through one of the holes. Climb out of the water it drops you into and then find the ladder that leads into a pipe with clear water and swim in.

Here you can find a corpse floating, but in the next pipe is one big mother of a beast. Grab the tranquilizer darts off the bottom and then shoot the beast repeatedly with tranquilizers until he goes down. You can use another weapon, but not many work underwater. Swim past him and then get lifted up the pipe. Tong will start badgering you with information. Climb onto the platform nearby and go through the small tunnel at the end of it. Climb over the debris and through the pipe. Now we're back in Wan Chai.

Go left and hop onto the ramp. Climb up the ladder and head back towards the market, and then to Tong's compound. When you come to the lab, if you saved Paul before, he'll be here. He won't go with you, though, since he's still recuperating. Talk to Tong, and he'll tell you to go find Stanton Dowd in New York. Also, if you go down to the medical lab, you can find Jaime. Looks like we're one big happy family again, huh? He'll give you an augmentation upgrade canister as a gift.

Now head back outside to the courtyard and jock will give you a lift back to Hell's Kitchen.

Hell's Kicthen, NYC Revisited, Again:
Now we have to go to the underworld bar to arrange a meeting with Stanton Dowd. Before you climb down, though, now would be a good opportunity to snipe some of the guards on the streets below so that you don't have to fight them later.

Climb down the fire escape and head towards the bar, looking for our friend Harry Filben. He'll tell you to kill the UNATCO spy posing as a reporter in the clinic (You can if you want to, I'm not sure whether it affects your game much) and he'll also set up a meeting for you at the Osgood and Sons ruins... that's the place where you went through to the NSF rooftops before. Go there and find him. Talk to him and he'll give you information on how to sink the sub.

If you need more explosives, go see Smuggler. Otherwise, head for the 'Ton roofstop again and hop onto Jock's helicopter.

Docks, NYC:
Go through the grate on your left and keep going until a soldier stops you. He gives you a key to the front gate. Open it and head forward towards the door. Go in, being careful of a couple of cameras around. Now, if you have a multitool to spare, go in the door on your left and open the keypadded door. Beneath the desk is the key to the ammo dump. If you want to use a LAM instead, just go up the steps next to the pop machines, kill the guard there, pop a LAM on the door, and detonate it. Or you can just use the key.

Be careful of the security bots roaming around inside. A scramble grenade will work nicely. Head towards the control booth in the far left corner, and press all three buttons. The third bay you open has two more security bots inside that you can avoid or take care of. In each bay there's quite a bit of ammo, weapons, and other goodies to be found. Once you're done, climb on top of the bays, and hop from platform to platform to get back to the door you came in.

Turn left and hop down, heading straight and then left. Be careful of the huge bots here, and head towards the crane. Go in the door next to it, using the code "0909" to open it, or use a multitool. Head in, duck under the cameras, and talk to the guard. He'll say a few things, but then you can check out the datacubes here for a couple of codes.

Head through the next door, and hang a right and go down those stairs. Follow them until you get to the docks and you see a -big- sub ahead. Use the code from the datacube (6655) to raise the plank to head up onto it. Climb the next ramp and you'll be on the sub.

There's a couple of sailors inside that will shoot you on site, so make sure that they don't get too bothersome. Check out all the bunks and lockers for a couple of goodies. Make sure that you grab the vial of Ambrosia from the lab for Stanton Down, and then head upstairs. Loot all the rooms as necessary. To get to the electronics room, head into the grate that's near it (to the left) and then follow the vent right to get in, and grab all the stuff inside.

You can go upstairs if you want and hack security to open the armory door, but it's really not necessary. The only things upstairs worth doing is killing some guards, grabbing 2250 credits from the captain's desk, or getting the key for below decks. But there's another key for below decks in the sickbay.

Head down and then down again and unlock the door with your newfound key. Now we're below decks (Duh.)

In this first area are two of the spots you are supposed to breach. Get rid of the guards and find the keypad next to the lowered bridge. The datacube from back by the friendly guard told you the code (9753). Climb the ramp, up the ladder, and into the small building in the center. Go right and smash open the window. Climb through and follow the pipe and jump down. On the left wall
is one of the points. Pop a LAM on and then climb up the boxes. Once you're at the top, shoot the LAM and fall backwards. One down. The other spot is on the direct opposite wall that this one was. Work your way around, pop a LAM on, and shoot it again. Two down.

Paris and the Catacombs:
There's a couple ways down. You can either try your luck at hopping down the elevator shaft (Save before you do that), or you can lockpick the little shed. Inside you can find the code to the maintanence elevator: 4003. Head down, go straight ahead up the steps, follow the path and go through the door on the right. Talk to Aimee to find out a code. Leave, turn left and hop down, and go in the left passageway. Follow the ramps down and go straight. Grab the hazmat suit and then go in the door to the left of that. Input the code (0001), put on your hazmat suit, and hoof it through to the door in the far left corner.

Here we have a friendly repair bot. Climb the ladder here to find several greasels. Some buckshot or a few sniper rounds work nicely. Eventually, head towards the west passageway. About halfway down on the right there's a small alcove here with a lockpick. Keep heading down and then up the ladder. Beware of roaming MJ12 commandos here.

If you want some goodies, you can raid the building to the west, and/or you can raid the metro station in the corner. In the metro station is a man who will sell you a couple of overpriced items.

Once you're done goodie-hunting, head around the east building, take care of the MJ12 commando, and find the boarded-up door. Use a melee weapon to clear away the boards and head inside. Go down the spiral steps to enter the Paris catacombs.

- Paris Catacombs -

Head down, turn right, and then go in the right passage. Beware of the gas grenade on the wall hear. Go down the hall, being at least a little quiet due to the MJ12 troops in the left room, and follow the passage, and past the room with a lot of rectangular columns and an MJ12 commando. Head past and Tong will tell you that you're getting close. On the wall in front of you is a brick that you can push. Do so, and the secret door will open up. Sure is easy to find a French terrorist group, isn't it?

Head into the center room and talk to Chad. He'll tell you to find his people and he will give you a key to the blast door. The blast door is on the opposite side as the secret door. Unlock it and head in. There's an MJ12 commando lurking here. If you want to have a bit of fun, make sure you have a lot of bioenergy, turn on your cloak (If you have it) and then start running around him. When he's quite confused, cut him down with your dragon's tooth. If you dont have any hacking skill, look for the locked crate near him. Also nearby is a crate of TNT. Hmm. GENTLY put the crate of TNT next to or on top of the crate, back a good distance away, and shoot it. Inside is a datacube with a security login. Follow the passageway, and keep turning left whenever you can, until you get to a room with four exits and an MJ12 troop walking about. Take him out and his friend who usually comes running when his partner dies. The room on the left has two crates with lockpicks. The room straight ahead has a ladder you can go up, and if you unlock the game to free the repair bot, it will get rid of the electrical field so you can go grab more goodies.

When you climb up, turn left, smash the window and climb through. Find some goodies, along with the gatekeeper's key. You can get to the second floor of this place by climbing up on the fallen beam.

Head out, following the path and unlocking the gate. Keep heading out and you'll meet a couple of MJ12 commandos, and just past them a BIG security bot. Disable it with an EMP or a scramble grenade, or just plain blow it up if you have the weaponry. If you really like, you can smash the glass on the left side and grab a few goodies, but there's not much worth getting here, and you'll have a whole bunch of MJ12 troops down your throat.

Head past the robot and then past the metro on the left, over the bridge, and now you're at the cathedral. This place is pretty big, and a lot of stuff you can explore, but for right now I'll just walk you through what you -have- to do here.

Go in, following the building around and eventually hitting the northeast corner. By the supply crates is a vine trellis that you can climb up. Do so, then climb the beams to get up to the next layer. Gunther will start taunting you now. Head to the left corner of the roof here, turn around, and then carefully jump onto the slanted beam heading up to the next level. Climb up, then follow the ledge around here. There are a couple of snipers up here that will want to shoot you in the head, though, so be careful. Head across the causeway and into the next building.

Head down the stairs a couple of flights and go through the first doorway you see. Head down more stairs, going through another doorway, go straight past the vault on your left, up the stairs, turn left, up more stairs, then turn right. Here we have a (Wo)Man in Black to take care of. On her desk is a datacube with several numbers on it. If you like, there's a security panel in her room you can hack.

Now head back down to that vault you passed. Use the code to Sidon's Vault from the datacube (1942) and head in. The security panel for the security panel is on the side of the steps. Or you can disable it with an EMP grenade. Be warned that there are a LOT of cameras and turrets in here, and the security panel is on the far wall of the room. My suggestion is that if your rifle skill is good enough, you can snipe down the cameras. Be warned, though, that if you hack the turrets to attack Enemies, they -will- attack the repair robot in here.

Everett will give you a little lecture here, but grab all the goodies in the supply crates. Head back out the way you came in. Turn left, go up the stairs, and go through the doorway on the right. Head in, either disabling or destroying the camera, and use the second code from the datacube: 0022. Head in, smash the crate. It'd probably be a good idea to grab this fire extinguisher. You'll see why in a minute.

Turn left and head downstairs. When you're in the room head towards the computer on the right. Oh dear. Seems like Gunther's a man on a mission. Take care of him however you want. I favored getting in his face and spraying his head with a full clip from my assault rifle, then extinguishing myself from the flamethrower with the extinguisher. It's up to you. Just make sure that when you kill him you back away, because his body becomes volatile.

Vandenberg Air Force Base:
As soon as you land, a worker will run up to you and give you the lowdown on the situation, as well as an image of the compound and a code. Sweet. Open the nearby door and head down. Take care of two guards, raid some supply crates, and then press the button for floor two.

Walk out, turn right, and take care of the guard on the right, preferably very quiet-like, because just below you are a whole bunch of troops and a MiB. Take the opportunity to snipe them or chuck a LAM down there to get rid of them. More troops should come join the party. Get rid of em. Now, remember the location of that infinitely strong lock and door with two TNT crates in front of it. We'll be coming back here later.

Head downstairs, and find the big humming generator. Open the panel and plug in the code (5868). There's an interesting glitch here that I haven't tried yet but several people told me about. You can -keep inputting the code- on the panel and get 100 skill points every time! For those of you with no shame you can max out all your skills like this.

Now to find the other one. Before you go, open the grating on the bottom of the generator and get the key from inside of here. Head out and walk down the hallway, minding the camera here. It'd probably be a good idea to hack security here so you can get those turrets on your side. Head through the door and go on the doorway opposite you. Now, you can bypass the security panel to
get rid of the beams, EMP them, or you can go back to the foyer, go up the stairs and to the room above, and then hop over the side. Either way, there will be 2 guards waiting for you.

If you need the cloaking augmentation, you can grab it in the flooded room. Be careful of the water, because you will get fried. Before you head back, open the door that's next to where you killed the guards with your keyring. Inside you can free a scientist and get a few goodies.

Now we go get some help. Head out of the building (Either by the roof or by just going out the front door) and make your way to tbe back of the facility. If you're facing the complex, go towards the back left corner. Here is the second panel. Open it and punch in the code (5868). Now, head towards the building in the yard that DOESN'T have the dishes on the roof. Open the door and head in.

As you pass through each doorway, turn around and press the switch to open the bay doors, for both of the robots. Now we have help. Follow them outside and watch the robot carnage ensue. I strongly suggest you get your assault rifle and load some HE ammo to help them out, because they're going to need it. You can take out the smaller bots with only one shot of HE ammo. The
bigger bots take a couple more.When you're done with the bots, head to the building that DOES have the dishes on the roof, which is the communications building. Head in and talk to the guy. He'll tell you to go through the maintanence tunnels. If you want an aug upgrade canister, you can find one in a locked locker in here. When you're done, open the hatch in the back and hop in.

California Gas Station:
Unless you're a sadist, MAKE ABSOLUTELY NO NOISE IN THIS PLACE! As soon as you do and a guard hears you, Tiffany is toast. If you're one of those kind of people who dont care who lives or dies, march right up, chuck a LAM at the building, get the message that Tiffany is dead, and leave, you sicko.

For the rest of us:

Head straight (You dont need to be quiet during this part) and talk to the bums surrounding the can. They'll give you the key, and the guy will sell you some weapon mods. Head back to where you got dropped of, unlock the door, go through and up the ladder. Save your game.

Crouch-walk through the hole, and take out the troop that should be around on your right. Go to the left of the building and up the ramp (QUIETLY!) Take out the guard behind the building with a tranq dart or you can sneak up on him and pepper him or prod him. Once you're done, climb onto the roof with the ladder, then hop onto the next building. Save, and then it'd be a good idea to turn on your cloak augmentation, if you have it.

Drop down in, and QUICKLY eliminate the MiB and the troop. Now you can make as much noise as you want. Open the door here and talk to Tiffany. Tell her to stay put while you finish off the guards. Find the key and then unlock the door on the other side. Head out and kill all the MJ12 commandos you see, then go back and grab Tiffany and tell her to run. Escort her all the way, just in case you missed an MJ12 commando somewhere.

Jock will be waiting in his helicopter (Just follow Tiffany). He will take her back to her father, and he'll drop you off at the Ocean Lab.

Ocean Lab and Missle Silo:
Head south, minding the gigantic robot stomping about. When you see the MJ12 troop in the distance, pick him off, and head towards his corpse. He should have a key on him that you can use to open the door on the center pillar. Open it and climb up the -long- spiral staircase.

Head up and make your way through, turning left at the top, past the barracks and through several guards until you get to the rooom above two scientists working on computers. Hop down (Or limbo under the railing) and talk to the guard. He'll give you some info and a picture. Now go through the doorway to the south and find the vertical passageway with all the ladders. Take the ladder down. Follow it down the passage, past a guard, to a room with two turrets up top with another guard. Dispose of them and go through the door on the right. Follow the catwalk out here, take out the guard, and to the next building.

Get rid of the guard in here, and go into the center pillar. Press the switch and go down. Here, you can hack a security panel on the wall on the left, and can turn the turrets on an enemy. Head down the passage until you come to a room. Be careful of the 3 guards around here. Once they're vanquished, talk to the female scientist (Or read the datacube on the cart in the back) to get the security login for the panel hanging down from the ceiling here: login "tech" and password "sharkman". Turn off the cameras and open the bay doors. Head upstairs and follow the passage until you find the minisubs. Hop into the one that isn't being worked on.

- Ocean Floor -

There's a security panel on the wall here and a couple of supply crates. That said, head upstairs twice and go inside. Here you'll get a cryptic message from Icarus and Bob Page. Read the datacube on the far desk, and head out and upstairs one more time.

Now be careful in the room at the top; there's a turret gone gusto. Either take it out or just haul your butt to the door on the right side. Here we have another turret that's gone nuts. This one I -really- prefer taking out, so chuck an EMP grenade, or a LAW, or a LAM, or snipe it, or something. Head towards it and grab the key next to the guy on the ground. The door on the
right has a few supplies. The locked door on the left has a whole bunch of goodies, like ammo, tools, lockpicks, and a biocell.

Head back to the main hallway and unlock the locked door with your key. Inside are several greasels that are very annoying. I usually choose two shots with my sniper rifle. Head past and down the ladder. Now we get to fight greasels in the water! Grab something water-friendly (Like the crossbow) and start pecking away at the greasel down here. The door on the wall here has a 60% keypad. You can either use a multitool or two, or go into the next room, fight three more greasels underwater, and grab the code for it (5690).

Area 51:
If you didn't save Jock from the crazed mechanic, he's gonna blow up real good here. Now behind the helipad is a tower with a sniper in it. He's BAD NEWS so I'd take him out the very first thing. Now follow the ramps down to the ground level and go in the building on the right side. In here you can find a key to the tower next to a guard, as well as a few goodies.

If you have hacking, you can head back to the tower. If you don't, you'll need to cross the facility, past the bots, to the hangar with the collapsed door. Inside is a MJ12 Commando and two MiB to take care of, and one MiB has a plasma rifle. Bad news. Once they're out of your way, head upstairs and hop through the broken window to talk to the soldier. He'll give you the security tower login.

Head back to the helipad, past it, and unlock the door at the bottom. Be careful, because both ladders are trapped with LAMs. Disarm them or detonate them from a fair distance away. Downstairs has two combat supply crates, while upstairs has the sniper you should have killed before, and a security panel. Use the login from the guy in the hangar, or hack it, and open the blast
doors. Head back to ground level and hoof it for the doors (To the left of the building where you got the key, between the two big mounds)Hack security or destroy the camera above, and head down. The left and the right forks are both guarded by security bots, so take care of them as
necessary. Take the right fork first, find the friendly repair robot if need be, and go in the building on the left, turn right, open the panel, and turn power back on. Grab more goodies lying around here and head back to the other fork, and take the elevator down. Press the button next to the big security door and head through.

- Area 51 Bunker -

Take care of the turret and/or the security camera that's on the left. Head down and be careful of the exploding generator on your right. Once it's simmered down, head past it and talk to Everett. This is one of the possible endings you can have, if you follow what he says. Now turn around and head straight, following it down until you see a security robot and a keypadded door. Input the code that Everett gave you and head in. Use the medbot if you need to. Take note of the infinite strength keypad.

Head outside and keep following the passage, into the next keypadded door. The code is the same the last one. Inside is a MiB and a troop, so take care of them accordingly. On a table is a datacube with the code to that infinite keypad (0169) so head back to in and open it, and grab the upgrade canister and the key. Now continue following the passage until it opens up into a big chamber. There are two MJ12 commandos and three troops to take care of (One sitting up in the crane: WHY?). Head up to the really big door lit by red lights, unlock it with your keyring, and go through.



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