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Every password, door access code, bank account, and terminal login that I can find are listed here. Some you can discover by playing the game, some are hidden, and some have been discovered by methods I can't discuss on an open channel. If you find something I've missed drop me an email and I'll add it.

Mission 1: Liberty Island

Comm Van 0451
NSF Security System nsf001- smashthestate
Comm Van Terminal satcom - unatco_001
Bank Account 230023 - 4558
(some logins may not work or require a specific terminal to work.)
jcd - bionicman
scarter - antique
jmanderley - knight_killer
ghermann - zeitgeist
ajacobson - calvo
anavarre - scryspc
jreed - redshoes
jreyes - amigo
klloyd - target
Alex Jacobson's Locker 2001

Mission 2: The Park & Kitchen

Check Mission #1 for all UNATCO codes.
Soda Machine Code: 9183
NSF Castle Clinton Stair Hatch: 666
Paul's Hidden Cache: 4321
Paul's Hidden Cache Terminal: pdenton - chameleon
Bank Accounts
(use at subway station):
543654 - 5544
312446 - 1351
Another Bank Account
(use at 'Ton or Bar)
947761 - 2867
Free Clinic Surgery Bay: 2153
Free Clinic Terminals: jallred - apple
alice_priest - secretary
Lift to Roof Code: 3316
Smuggler's Mirror Closet: 432
MJ12 Door Code: 2167
MJ12 Terminal Code: mj12 - coupdetat
MJ12 Barracks Login: jsteward - js1357
MJ12 Weapon Locker: 007
NSF Warehouse Basement Doors
(opens more than one but not all):
NSF Warehouse Security & Generator Terminals: nsf- righteous
NSF Warehouse Login
(only for the basement room):
tfrase - valleyforge

Mission 3: Hidden Airfield

Check Mission #1 for all UNATCO codes.
Phone Booth Code 6653
Brooklyn Bridge Station Women's Restroom Code 5482
Airfield Terminal Login etodd - saintmary
Hanger Access Code 5914
Suspension Crate Code 9905

Mission 4: Paul's Errand

NSF HQ Security Login tjefferson - newrevolution
NSF HQ Dish Alignment Terminal mcollins - revolution
NSF HQ Transmitter Terminal napoleon - revolution
Subway Access Code 6282

Mission 5: Escape

Detention Block Door 4089
Detention Cells: 4679
Armory Code: 2971
Medical Area: 0199
LabNet Account: dmoreau - raptor
Research Facility Exit 1125
Research Facility Security Terminal
(works on most terminals)
mj12 - Intruder
Research Facility Secuirty Terminal
(works on ALL terminals):
psherman - raven
Plasma Cannon Containment Code: 5239
Alternate UNATCO Computer Login: demiurge - archon

Mission 6: Hong Kong

Purge Valve Code 99871
Elevator Access Code 989
Hidden Surveilence Room by Police Station : 22
Police Vault Code 87342
Jock's Apartment Terminal flyboy - 5x5
Queen's Tower Elevator Code to Renovated Floor: 3444
Queen's Tower Security Terminal: queenstower - security
Queen's Tower Elevator Bypass Code: 1709
Maggie Chow's Security Terminal mchow - insurgent
Dragon's Tooth Sword Door 718
Quick Shop Terminals management - code324
Luminous Path Compound - 1997
Tong's Terminal: jcdenton - sanctuary
VersaLife Work Terminal: all_shifts - data_entry
VersaLife Lab Elevator: 6512
Augmentation Canister Suspension Code: 5878
MJ12 Research Security: mj12 - security
MJ12 Research Terminals: mchow - damocles
VersaLife Level2 Code: 55655
Nanotech Wing Emergency Doors: 768
UC Cascade Shutdown: 525

Mission 7: Meet Mr. Dowd

Free Clinic Terminals: jallred - apple
alice_priest - secretary

Mission 8: Loose Lips Sink Ships

Ship Yard Entrance Code: 0909
Ship Yard Security: usfema - security
East Warehouse Code: 2249
West Steel Fence Code 8675309
Ramp Code: 6655
Ship Security Terminal
(works deep inside the ship, not on the upper deck part except for one non-security terminal)
root - reindeerflotilla
Ops Door Code: 83353
Engineering Bridge
(used deep inside the ship)
Ships Armory Code: 71324
Ship Terminal Access
(only works in the captain's quarters)
kzhao - captain
Captain's Quarters Door Code 65678

Mission 9: Paris

Maintenance Lift Code: 4003
Radioactive Area: 0001
Security Terminal Building #14: rzelanzny - shadowjack
Bank Account in Metropolitain: 2221969 - dullbill
MJ12 Catacomb Security Terminal: hela - ragnarok
MJ12 Security Shack
(street level)
streetstation17 - werewolf
Paris Bank Accounts: 005133 - salem008
002639 - aramis01
004418 - morbus13
001506 - naga066
Dance Club Storeroom Code: 1966
Chateau Logins: nicolette - chad
bduclare - nico_angel

Mission 10: Paris at Knight

Sidon's Vault (Gold storage): 1942
Fountain of Wisdom (Gunther Showdown): 0022
Templar Terminal Login: 34501 - 08711
Bank Account (In Metro): 576001 - wyrdred08
Everett Security Terminal: meverett - pynchon
Morpheus Access Code: 8001

Mission 11: Vandenberg

Bot Activation Code: 5868
Security Terminal: command - zebra42
Tunnel Security Temrinal: tunnel01 - omega2a
Control Room Terminal: gsavage - tiffany

Mission 12: Short Sub Shocked

Krakian Hatch: 1223
Storage Closet: 12
URV Bay Terminal: tech - sharkman
Alternate Terminal Login: apinkerton - antennapedia
Drilling Tunnel Code: 5690
Substation URV Terminal: oceanguard - kraken
Substation Security / Terminal Login: mj12 - skywalker
Silo Doors: 8456
Missle Silo Launch Terminal: elder - armageddon

Mission 13: Area51 - Your Conspiracy Place

Area51 Blast Door Code a51 - xx15yz
Sector 2 Security Grid: 8946
Alain's Bed Bunk: 0169
Sector 3 Security - area51 - bravo13
Explosives Locker: 4225
Reactor Core Access: 2001
Stairwell Blast Door (aka Aquinas Access): 1038
Gray Lab Security (reverse name/password if it doesn't work): lab12 - graytest
Blue Fusion Reators Disable Code: 7243
UC Control Access Doors
(this isn't mentioned in the game so use it if you're just plain out of options)
Security Terminal Access to Aquinas Router Room: page - uberalles
Aquinas Router Login: icarus - panopticon
Aquinas Substation (This worked on the Aquinas Router room pre-game patch) 6765
Coolant System Access (doesn't seem to work with game patch): 2242




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