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Information on essential parts of the game. Should help you plan your character better and might be good to know that you can use a fire extinguisher should you ever get caught on fire.

Deus Ex has many characters, both human and non-human, both important and Non-playable. Here is the list of all the characters found in the game.
J.C. Denton
Your alter ego. Just out of training and sporting the latest in nanotechnology, Agent Denton is ready to make his mark on the world as a part of UNATCO. Eager to prove himself, he is optimistic that he can do nothing but good.
Paul Denton
J.C.'s older brother. Both suffered a tragic loss when their parents died in a car accident. Paul has performed many missions for UNATCO, but was recently pulled from his mission in Hong Kong for reasons not given.
Anna Navarre
Cold, calculating, and loyal to UNATCO. Agent Navarre does not care how many terrorists die in completing her missions. Both she and Gunther Hermann represent the old guard at UNATCO, the first generation of augmented agents. Both are easily recognizable by the obvious metallic parts that have taken the place of their fleshy, less than prefect, limbs.
Gunther Hermann
A classic tactician. Unlike Anna Navarre, he can be warm and personable to those he respects. Gunther serves UNATCO, but unlike Anna Navarre, he only kills when necessary.
Alex Jacobson
The resident UNATCO computer geek. He's your information link supplying you with maps, tips, and whatever maybe of use in your mission.
Sam Carter
The living legend, ex-General Carter holds the position of quartermaster for UNATCO. Sam Carter believes in what UNATCO can do as a global police force despite an increase in the numbers killed by UNATCO troops.
Jaime Reyes
UNATCOs doctor on call and resident nanotechnology specialist. His job is to look after augmented agents and keep them running at peek efficiency.
Walton Simons Recently appointed director of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Not much is known about his past having worked on several secret projects for the government. Like the Denton brothers, Simons is nanoaugmented.
Bob Page
A wealthy philanthropist, Page has earned the respect of being a man of the people. He is generous, caring, and unflinching in his donation of millions of credits to charity. Also a political activist, Page clearly wants only the best for Americans, and the world.
Icarus, Daedelus, Helios
In cyberspace, anonymity comes easily. For some, a codename is all you'll ever know them by. If actions speak louder than words, does it matter if you never meet the person on the other end of the terminal?
Tracer Tong
Paul's friend and contact in Hong Kong. He serves the Luminous Path Triad. What did he tell Paul Denton that caused UNATCO to pull Paul out of Hong Kong?
A freelance helicopter pilot who works for UNATCO. He has his theories about what is going wrong with the world though they sound like crazed conspiracy theories.
Doctor Gary Savage
Leader of a team of scientists who once worked at Area 51. They left to protest the experiments taking place in the facility. The general public has no knowledge of Dr. Savage or what takes place at Area 51.
Morgan Everett
Leader of the Illuminati, a secret organization that has been influencing world events for centuries. Since everyone knows the Bavarian Illuminati were dissolved in the 1700s, he clearly can't be what he claims. Or is it possible the disappearance of the Bavarian Illuminati was faked?


You are one of a new breed of UNATCO agents, gifted with biotech that allows increased abilities through special items called augmentations. Augmentations, along with Skills, Inventory and multiple solutions to objectives, help put Deus Ex into the RPG category. Within many of the missions, you'll come across augmentation canisters. Each canister must be installed at a medbot and contains one of two augmentations, both for a specific body part. Below is a listing of all the augmentations
Pre Installed IFF
A permanent augmentation that automatically identifies friend and foe, using your targeting reticle
Permanent augmentation, allows you to recieve messages from control, and to store and retrieve maps, conversations, and notes
A permanent augmentation that lets you turn on a flashlight from your eyes
Arms Combat Strength
Increases melee attack speed and damage
Microfibral Muscle
Increases lifting and pushing strength
Cranial Aggressive Defense System
Remotely detonates rockets and grenades fired at you
Spy Drone
Spawns a small drone that you control with your movement keys. You stand still while the drone is active, and you can see where it goes using a small screen in your HUD. The drone can fire a single EMP pulse.
Eyes Targeting
Increases accuracy, provides information about target, and adds telescoping vision
Vision Enhancement
Nightvision, infravision, and see through walls
Legs Run Silent
Reduces sound caused by movement
Speed Enhancement
Reduces falling damage, increases running speed, increases jumping height
Subdermal 1 Ballistic Protection
Protects you from projectile and bladed weapons
EMP Shield
Reduces damage from EMP attacks
Subdermal 2 Cloak
Makes you invisible to organic creatures
Radar Transparency
Makes player invisible to robots, turrets, and cameras
Torso 1 Energy Shield
Reduces damage from flame, electrical, and plasma attacks
Restores health, heals quicker, reducing bioenergy requirements, at higher levels
Torso 2 Aqualung
Extends lung capacity for swimming long distances
Environmental Resistance
Reduces damage from radiation and toxins
Torso 3 Power Recirculator
Reduces bioenergy drain of active augmentations
Synthetic Heart
Boosts all augs up one level, unless any are maxed


Deus Ex's RPG roots allow different play styles based on how you choose to allocate experience points towards various skills. Since this is an action and espionage game, the skills available match the encounters you'll have. Take a look at the complete list, along with descriptions.
Upgrading this skill to Trained enables hacking. Hacking allows you to break into a computer terminal, security terminal, or ATM without having to know the password. When accessing the terminal an ICE Breaker will appear in the upper right corner. Click the HACK button to begin hacking. Upgrading your computer skill results in quicker hacking, allowing more time to be spent working with the hacked terminal before the ICE Breaker energy runs out. If you are not logged out when the ICE Breaker expires, you will be kicked out and suffer damage. If you are hacking an ATM, a higher computer skill will get you more credits from a hack if any are to be found.
Anytime you use a multitool, this skill affects how many multitools are required to complete the action. Multitools enable you to accomplish a number of things including alarm switch deactivation, turret reprogramming, camera deactivation, security beam disabling, and keypad bypassing.
Environmental Training
Some equipment have a limited duration of use before they expire. How long the equipment lasts is affected by this skill. The higher your training, the longer the equipment lasts before expiration. Items affected by this skill include the rebreather, hazmat suit, ballistic armor, and thermoptic camo.
Whenever you use your lockpicks, the amount needed is a combination of this skill and strength of the lock being picked. Better training in this skill lowers the number of lockpicks needed, but never less than one.
A medkit normally heals 30 points of damage. Better training in this skill lets you heal more points per medkit.
Denton's swimming abilities are just enough to avoid drowning. With training, Denton will be able to swim faster in water, making better use of his limited oxygen supply.
All weapons skills when upgraded will increase the damage dealt by all weapons in the class upgraded. With the exception of demolition, all weapons will aim quicker with upgrades. Mastering a weapon skill requires no aiming at all, where you fire is where the shot will go. Training in demolition increases the time you have to disarm a proximity placed grenade before it detonates.



Deus Ex features a huge assortment of weapons ranging from throwing knives to rocket launchers and everything in between. You will encounter more weapons than your inventory will hold so choosing which weapons to keep is critical to success.

In Deus Ex, there are five categories of weapons: Heavy, Pistol, Rifle, Low-Tech, and Demolition, this has to do with the skill used for accuracy and damage.
Low-Tech Riot Prod
The best weapon a stealth player can have. It's always quiet, and can take down most enemies with one charge. Best used when you have, quite literally, closed the distance between you and your target to a point where your bodies are actually touching.
Never needs ammo though it tends to kill your target. The only problem with the crowbar is that your target will die noisily alerting other guards.
Unlike the crowbar, the baton will guarantee a silent non-lethal takedown. However, there is the nasty possibility the target will shrug off the blow and open fire.
It will take more space in your inventory, but also deals more damage.
Dragon's Tooth Sword
A better sword. When combined with a mastered weapon, low-tech and combat strength augmentation are strong enough to destroy security cameras, alarm switches, and turrets.
Pepper Gun
Once sprayed, causes gas to be released, causing humans and creatures to do nothing for a short time.
Throwing Knifes
A quiet and quick way of dealing with organic enemies.
Combat Knife
Small handy knife. Used to open crates and to take down any enemies that arent expecting it.
Pistol Pistol
A standard 10mm Pistol
Stealth Pistol
It does less damage, but the built-in silencer is great for silent, ranged takedowns.
A small pistol that shoots 1 plasma shot. Can only be used once.
A very quiet weapon that can be used with 3 types of darks, plain, tranquilizer and flare darts.
Rifle Assault Rifle
An automatic machine gun. 2 Types of ammo, shells and 20mm HE rounds which are very handy.
Sawed Off Shotgun
Strony yet slow loading shotgun
Sniper Rifle
A powerful sniper rifle. Comes with a scope.
Assault Shotgun
An automatic shotgun.
Heavy Flamethrower
Very strong
Stands for 'Guided Explosive Projectile'. Homing weapon that locks onto enemies.
Plasma Rifle
A heavy weapon that shoots plasma.
A rocket launcher that can only be used once.
Demolition Gas Grenades
Toss one into a room to immobilize all targets then finish them off with a GEP rocket or a LAM. Alternately, run past them and choke some damage down.
Scramble Grenade
A small device that can be attached to walls and become like a proximitiy mine or it can be thrown like a normal grenade. This will cause bots to be locked and unable to do anything for a short time.
EMP Grenade
A small device that can be attached to walls and become like a proximitiy mine or it can be thrown like a normal grenade. This will cause a Electromagnetic Pulse, putting a stop to any electronice devices that got caught in the blast.
Best used against bots if you can aim it well enough, or if possible, place in proximity mode in the path of the bot, just like in training. Also a good way to open locked chests, cabinets, and doors.

Weapon Mods:

Weapon mods are little devices that improve the functions of a specific weapon. Weapons are limited to what mods can be installed. You can also add multiple of the same mod to stack the effects.

Increases the accuracy of the following weapons;
Assault Rifle, Mini-Crossbow, Pistol, Plasma Gun, Sniper Rifle, Stealth Pistol.

Increases the ammo capacity of the following weapons;
Assault Rifle, Assault Shotgun, Sawed-off Shotgun, Plasma Rifle, Pistol, Sniper Rilfe, Stealth Pistol.
Adds a laser pointer to the following weapons;
Assault Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Pistol, Stealth Pistol, Sniper Rifle, Mini-Crossbow, Plasma. Able to turn on and off.
Increases the range of the weapon for the following weapons;
Assault Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Stealth Pistol, Pistol, Mini-Crossbow, Sniper Rifle, GEP, Flamethrower.
Reduces the recoil of the weapon for the following weapons;
Assault Rifle, Assault Shotgun, Sawed-off Shotgun, Plasma Rifle, Pistol.
Reduces the reload time of the following weapons;
Assault Rifle, Assault Shotgun, Flamethower, GEP, Mini-crossbow, Pistol, Plasma Rifle, Sawed-off Shotgun, Stealth Pistol, Sniper Rilfe.
Adds a scope to the weapon to the following weapons;
Plasma Rifle, Stealth Pistol, Pistol, Mini-Crossbow, GEP.
Quiets the noise of the firing of these weapons;
Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle.

Misc Equipment:

Tools, armor, and other usefull items.
Nano Key Attaches to your keyring and opens doors
Multitool Used for bypassing electronic devices
Medkit Repairs health
Lockpick Bypasses locks
Biocell Increases augmentation bioenergy
Binoculars Allows for long-range viewing
Augmentation Canister Provides new abilities
Augmentation Upgrade Upgrades augmentation effectiveness
Credit Chit Money
Flare Light and distraction
Fire Extinguisher Puts out fires, creates smoke. Actually useful in some gameplay situations
Thermoptic Camo Temporarily makes you invisible
Ballistic Armor Protects from blades and projectiles
Tech Goggles Enhances visibility(night vision)
Rebreather A short-term air supply
Hazmat Suit Protects from gas and radiation







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