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If you already have the latest patch (which you should!), you shouldnt need to edit any files, with the latest patch, the button 'T' is defaultly set to 'Talk'. If you have messed with the keyboard configuration or that you dont have the latest patch, you will need to edit a file. The file is called 'user.ini' and it is in your system folder of your deusex root folder (ie, C:/DeusEx/System). Open this in any Text editor, notepad should be alright. Once opened, search for 'T=', this should be in a section called '[Engine.Input]'. Once found, you need to edit its value to 'Talk', to do this, after the =, type 'Talk', so it should now look like this:


Now go into the game, press the 'T' button. You will see the followong at the bottom left of the screen:


You will need to press backspace till you remove the 'Say', so its just '>' now. Now you will need to type the following:

Set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True.

Now press enter, nothing will appear, but you have just activated cheats. Because you will need to redo this for every level, you can open up 'user.ini' and add 'bCheatsEnabled True' in the [DeusEx.DeusExGameInfo] section of the file to allow cheats to be activated forever.


Cheat Effect
god Toggles God Mode On/Off
invisible Toggles Invisibility On/Off
behindview 1/0 Toggles Third-Person View On/Off
fly Turn on Fly Mode
ghost Turn on No Clip Mode
walk Turn off Fly or No Clip Mode
iamwarren Activates EMP Field
allskillpoints All Skill Points
allweapons All Weapons
allammo Refills Ammo
allaugs All Basic Augmentations
tantalus Kills Current Target
opensesame Unlocks Targeted Door/Panel
legend Brings Up Secret Menu
allhealth Full Health
allenergy Full Energy
allcredits 10,000 Credits
allimages Fills Your Image Archive
summon xxxx Spawn Object (xxxx being name of object)
augadd xxxx Add Augmentation (xxxx being name of augmentation)
spawnmass xxxx # Spawns Multiple Objects (xxxx object name, # amount)
open xxxx Skip to Level (xxxx being name of level)

Object Name Object Type
Lockpick Item
Basketball Item
MultiTool Item
AcousticSensor Item
HazMatSuit Item
SodaCan Item
Candybar Item
Liquor40oz Item
SoyFood Item
VialAmbrosia Item
Rebreather Item
AdaptiveArmor Item
Binoculars Item
BallisticArmor Item
LiquorBottle Item
Credits Item
WineBottle Item
Cigarettes Item
Medkit Item
VialCrack Item
Flare Item
FireExtinguisher Item
AugmentationUpgradeCannister Item
WeaponPistol Weapon
WeaponRifle Weapon
WeaponStealthPistol Weapon
WeaponShuriken Weapon
WeaponSawedOffShotgun Weapon
WeaponProd Weapon
WeaponPlasmaRifle Weapon
WeaponAssaultShotgun Weapon
WeaponFlameThrower Weapon
WeaponGasGrenade Weapon
WeaponLAM Weapon
WeaponCombatKnife Weapon
WeaponCrowbar Weapon
WeaponHideAGun Weapon
WeaponAssaultGun Weapon
WeaponLAW Weapon
WeaponPepperGun Weapon
WeaponMiniCrossbow Weapon
WeaponSword Weapon
WeaponBaton Weapon
WeaponNanoSword Weapon
WeaponEMPGrenade Weapon
WeaponNanoVirusGrenade Weapon
Weapongepgun Weapon
Ammo10mm Ammo
AmmoDart Ammo
AmmoDartPoison Ammo
AmmoDartFlare Ammo
AmmoNapalm Ammo
AmmoPlasma Ammo
Ammo3006 Ammo
AmmoRockets Ammo
AmmoRocketWP Ammo
Ammo20mm Ammo
AmmoSabot Ammo
Weaponmodaccuracy Weapon Modification
Weaponmodclip Weapon Modification
Weaponmodlaser Weapon Modification
Weaponmodrange Weapon Modification
Weaponmodrecoil Weapon Modification
Weaponmodscope Weapon Modification
Weaponmodsilencer Weapon Modification
Weaponmodreload Weapon Modification
Terrorist Character Model
JCDentonMale Character Model
PaulDenton Character Model
Greasel Character Model
Gray Character Model
TiffanySavage Character Model
NicoletteDuClare Character Model
JoeGreen Character Model
WaltonSimons Character Model
JojoFine Character Model
AlexJacobson Character Model
JaimeReyes Character Model
BobPage Character Model
RepairBot Robot Model
MedicalBot Robot Model

Augmentation Description
AugBallistic Ballistic Protection
AugCloak Cloak
AugCombat Combat Strength
AugEMP EMP Shield
AugEnviro Enviromental Resistance
AugMuscle Microfibral Muscle
AugShield Energy Shield
AugRadarTrans Radar Transparency
AugTarget Targeting
AugAqualung Aqualung
AugHealing Regeneration
AugStealth Run Silent
AugSpeed Speed Enhancement
AugVision Vision Enhancement
AugDefense Aggressive Defense System
AugDrone Spy Drone
AugHeartLung Synthetic Heart
AugPower Power Recirculator

Level Name Mission #: Area
00_Training Training Mission: Part 1
00_TrainingCombat Training Mission: Part 2
00_TrainingFinal Training Mission: Part 3
01_NYC_UNATCOIsland Mission 1: Liberty Island
02_NYC_Bar Mission 2: Hell's Kitchen, Ünderworld Bar
02_NYC_BatteryPark Mission 2: Battery Park
02_NYC_FreeClinic Mission 2: Hell's Kitchen, Free Clinic
02_NYC_Hotel Mission 2: Hell's Kitchen, 'Ton Hotel
02_NYC_Smug Mission 2: Hell's Kitchen, Smuggler's Place
02_NYC_Street Mission 2: Hell's Kitchen, Street
02_NYC_Underground Mission 2: Hell's Kitchen, Sewers
02_NYC_Warehouse Mission 2: Hell's Kitchen, Rooftops
03_NYC_747 Mission 3: Airfield, 747 within Hangar
03_NYC_Airfield Mission 3: Airfield
03_NYC_AirfieldHelibase Mission 3: Airfield Helibase
03_NYC_BatteryPark Mission 3: Battery Park
03_NYC_BrooklynBridgeStation Mission 3: Brooklyn Bridge Subway Station
03_NYC_Hangar Mission 3: Airfield, within Hangar
03_NYC_MolePeople Mission 3: Mole Tunnels
03_NYC_UNATCOIsland Mission 3: Liberty Island
04_NYC_Bar Mission 4: Hell's Kitchen, Underworld Tavern
04_NYC_BatteryPark Mission 4: Battery Park
04_NYC_Hotel Mission 4: Hell's Kitchen, 'Ton Hotel
04_NYC_NSFHQ Mission 4: Hell's Kitchen, NSF HQ in warehouse
04_NYC_Smug Mission 4: Hell's Kitchen, Smuggler's Place
04_NYC_Street Mission 4: Hell's Kitchen, Street
04_NYC_UNATCOIsland Mission 4: Liberty Island
04_NYC_Underground Mission 4: Hell's Kitchen, Sewers
05_NYC_UNATCOIsland Mission 5: Liberty Island
05_NYC_UNATCOMJ12lab Mission 5: Majestic 12 Facility
06_HongKong_Helibase Mission 6: Hong Kong, Majestic 12 Helibase
06_HongKong_MJ12lab Mission 6: Hong Kong, Versalife Corp., Majestic 12 Lab
06_HongKong_Storage Mission 6: Hong Kong, Versalife Corp., Majestic 12 Lab
06_HongKong_TongBase Mission 6: Hong Kong, Tracer Tong's Lab
06_HongKong_Versalife Mission 6: Hong Kong, Versalife Corp.
06_HongKong_WanChai_Canal Mission 6: Hong Kong, Canal Road
06_HongKong_WanChai_Garage Mission 6: Hong Kong, Versalife Corp., Majestic 12 Lab
06_HongKong_WanChai_Market Mission 6: Hong Kong, WanChai Market
06_HongKong_WanChai_Street Mission 6: Hong Kong, Tonnochi Road
06_HongKong_WanChai_Underworld Mission 6: Hong Kong, Lucky Money Club
08_NYC_Bar Mission 7: Hell's Kitchen, Underworld Tavern
08_NYC_FreeClinic Mission 7: Hell's Kitchen, Free Clinic
08_NYC_Hotel Mission 7: Hell's Kitchen, 'Ton Hotel
08_NYC_Smug Mission 7: Hell's Kitchen, Smuggler's Place
08_NYC_Street Mission 7: Hell's Kitchen, Street
08_NYC_Underground Mission 7: Hell's Kitchen, Sewers
09_NYC_Dockyard Mission 8: Naval Base
09_NYC_Graveyard Mission 8: NYC, Cemetary
09_NYC_Ship Mission 8: Naval Base, Superfreighter, Top and Mid decks
09_NYC_ShipBelow Mission 8: Naval Base, Superfreigher, Lower deck
09_NYC_ShipFan Mission 8: Naval Base, Ventilation System
10_Paris_Catacombs Mission 9: Paris, Surface above Catacombs
10_Paris_Catacombs_Tunnels Mission 9: Paris, Catacomb Tunnels
10_Paris_Chateau Mission 9: Paris, DuClare Chateau
10_Paris_Club Mission 9: Paris, La Porte de l'Enfer Club
10_Paris_Metro Mission 9: Paris, Metropolitan Area
11_Paris_Cathedral Mission 10: Paris, Templar's Cathedral
11_Paris_Everett Mission 10: Paris, Morgan Everett's Home
11_Paris_Underground Mission 10: Paris, Tunnels
12_Vandenberg_Cmd Mission 11: Vandenberg, Command Center
12_Vandenberg_Computer Mission 11: Vandenberg, Computer Core
12_Vandenberg_Gas Mission 11: Vandenberg, Gas Station
12_Vandenberg_Tunnels Mission 11: Vandenberg, Access Tunnels
14_OceanLab_Lab Mission 12: MJ12 Ocean Lab
14_OceanLab_Silo Mission 12: Missile Silo
14_OceanLab_UC Mission 12: MJ12 Ocean Lab, UC Chamber
14_Vandenberg_Sub Mission 12: Vandenberg Sub Base
15_Area51_Bunker Mission 13: Area 51, Surface Base
15_Area51_Entrance Mission 13: Area 51, Underground Base, Sections 1 and 2
15_Area51_Final Mission 13: Area 51, Underground Base, Section 3
15_Area51_Page Mission 13: Area 51, Underground Base, Section 4





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