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You are one of a new breed of UNATCO agents, gifted with biotech that allows increased abilities through special items called augmentations. Augmentations, along with Skills, Inventory and multiple solutions to objectives, help put Deus Ex into the RPG category. Within many of the missions, you'll come across augmentation canisters. Each canister must be installed at a medbot and contains one of two augmentations, both for a specific body part.

In addition to augmentations, there are augmentation upgrade canisters to be found in nearly every mission. Finding these is the only way to upgrade the effectiveness of your augmentations, but do not have to be installed at a medbot; they can be installed on the augmentation screen.

All augmentations (except IFF and the Infolink) consume bioelectric energy. Energy can be replenished by either using a bioelectric cell from your inventory, or finding a repair bot.
Augmentation Canister
Adds a new augmentation to your system.
Augmentation Upgrade

Update an augmentation that you have already installed, by one tech level.

Bio Electric Cell
Used to power your augmentations.

Below is a listing of all the augmentations:
Pre Installed IFF
A permanent augmentation that automatically identifies friend and foe, using your targeting reticle
Permanent augmentation, allows you to recieve messages from control, and to store and retrieve maps, conversations, and notes
A permanent augmentation that lets you turn on a flashlight from your eyes
Arms Combat Strength
Increases low-tech weapons attack speed and damage
Microfibral Muscle
Increases lifting and pushing strength so you can carry erven those large crates.
Cranial Aggressive Defense System
Remotely detonates rockets and grenades fired at you. When fully upgraded, launched missles detonate inside their launchers damaging whomever is firing.
Spy Drone
Spawns a small drone that you control with your movement keys. You stand still while the drone is active, and you can see where it goes using a small screen in your HUD. It can self destruct releasing an EMP pulse. Upgrades increase the flight time and the power of the EMP burst.
Eyes Targeting
Increases accuracy, provides information about target, and adds telescoping vision
Vision Enhancement
Nightvision, and when fully upgraded, even allows you to see targets through walls when close enough.
Legs Run Silent
Reduces sound caused by movement. Fully upgraded, you will not make a sound when running.
Speed Enhancement
Reduces falling damage, increases running speed, increases jumping height.
Subdermal 1 Ballistic Protection
Protects you from any non-eletrical forms of attack (projectile and bladed weapons).
EMP Shield
Reduces damage from electrical forms of attack (EMP)
Subdermal 2 Cloak
Makes you invisible to organic creatures. The more you upgrade, the less power this augs drain.
Radar Transparency
Makes player invisible to robots, turrets, and cameras. The more you upgrade, the less power this augs drain.
Torso 1 Energy Shield
Reduces damage from flame, electrical, and plasma attacks
Restores health, heals quicker, reducing bioenergy requirements, at higher levels.
Torso 2 Aqualung
Extends lung capacity for swimming long distances. Upgrade this improves it's performance. Upgrade last if at all.
Environmental Resistance
Reduces damage from radiation and toxins. Upgrade this improves it's performance. Upgrade last if at all.
Torso 3 Power Recirculator
Reduces bioenergy drain of active augmentations
Synthetic Heart
Boosts all augs up one level, unless any are maxed.





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