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  MIsc. Equipment!

Tools, armor, and other usefull items.
Nano Key Attaches to your keyring and opens doors
Multitool Used for bypassing electronic devices
Medkit Repairs health
Lockpick Bypasses locks
Biocell Increases augmentation bioenergy
Binoculars Allows for long-range viewing
Augmentation Canister Provides new abilities
Augmentation Upgrade Upgrades augmentation effectiveness
Credit Chit Money
Flare Light and distraction
Fire Extinguisher Puts out fires, creates smoke. Actually useful in some gameplay situations
Thermoptic Camo Temporarily makes you invisible
Ballistic Armor Protects from blades and projectiles
Tech Goggles Enhances visibility(night vision)
Rebreather A short-term air supply
Hazmat Suit Protects from gas and radiation



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