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  Dwarfstar Class Transport!

Good light warship, small carrier. Quite costly for a light warship. It is usefull not because of combat but for the ship devices. Its functions are mostly replaced by the much better MBR later. However it has a large ord and guest carrying ability. Not to mention the small fighter bay.

A Privateer only hull plan and can be auto-captured should any other race own one.

Tech Level 6
Mega Credits 1740
Duranium 30
Tritanium 90
Molybdenum 10

Cargo and Holds

Fuel 1200
Ord 12000
Repair 1000
Cargo 3000
Pods 4
Crew 650
Guests 35500


Max Speed 120
Max Hype Jump 0
War Drag 90
Warp Sign 40
Scan Range 120
Tractor Beam 3000
Ship Mass 130

Engines and Power

Engines 2
Generators 2
Power Bank 800
Attack Bonus 15
Large Weapons 2 / 150kt
Small Weapons 4
Super Weapons 0
Fighter Bays 1
Wing Bay Size 50


Evasive Bonus 20
Point Defense 4
Max Shield 900
Max Armor 850


Parts / Hull 120
Control Systems 120
Engines 150
Hyperdrive 100
Lifesupport 120
Soft Spot 1

Ship Devices:

Gravitonic Mine Dropper Cloak: 50
Native Dust Off Contraband Dust Off