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  About this site!

VGA Planets is a very fun game, and has tons of information scattered out there in random places. Also the formatting of many VGA sites is horrible! Also, the game interface has so much in it, but is rather bad for new people trying to play. This scares would be players away.

And when I am trying to show my friends this game, I cringe in sending them any website. I was not able to see any site laid out to draw people in.

So I gathered up information(copied mostly), updated it, and did my best to put it in a format pleasing for getting new people into this game. This site is about getting people to play VGA and providing a strong base of knowledge to those players.

  1. Tell them what VGA Planets is in as few words as possible.(make it look like something they want to play)
  2. Show them the file they need to download. Then blurb about Registering, and what registering does.
  3. Show what races, and a little blurb for each race. Links to stats, ships, and strategies.
  4. Give them an overview on how to play 1 turn. From receiving the first RST file till they send the TRN file in.
  5. Then get in to the guts in a clean way. When talking about command codes, show them, or have a link for all command codes.
  6. Tell them how to host their own game.
  7. Show them where to go for more information.

I will start linking to outside stuff, but as time goes on, I hope to have a complete of set information not relying on outside sites.


Cody Nelson