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Hardware: The NVIDIA GeForce 7900 Series
NVIDIA has launched the latest refresh of their GeForce 7 series of 3D Graphics for the desktop today and took the wraps off their new GeForce 7900GTX, GeForce 7900GT and GeForce 7600GT cards. These new 90nm built GPUs have very strong performance with lower power and even better price points. In fact the GeForce 7900 series will cost much less than NVIDIA's former high-end the GeForce 7800 series.

More Links:
Guru 3D: GeForce 7600GT, 7900 GT & 7900 GTX
PC Perspective: NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX, 7900 GT and 7600 GT Review
Tech Report: NVIDIA's GeForce 7600 GT and 7900 series GPUs
Toms Hardware: ATI and Nvidia's Same-Day Mega-Launch Mayhem
Hot Hardware: NVIDIA's GeForce 7 Update: Introducing the 7900 GTX, 7900 GT & 7600 GT

3/11/06 :: Goof :: Say Something!

Hardware: Match Box Size Projectors
Light Blue Optics Ltd, has developed a new miniature projector(PDF), which is only 62cc in volume and is similar in size and shape to a typical matchbox. The new projector uses unique miniature lasers to display video images in real-time in resolutions of 1024x512 or higher upon request. There are no moving parts, and it is always in focus. Right now they are only working with a select group of partners, and it sounds like they are marketing them for PDA's and Cell Phones. But I think it can do even better as a monitor replacement.

Read more news and pictures bellow:

Laser Projectors Coming to Cell Phones and PDAs

Light Blue launches miniature projection technology upgrade

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Games: VGA Planets Hosting Server at Drewhead 19 Hour Out
Drewheads VGA Planets game hosting server went down about 10/15 13:28 and was back up by 10/16 08:36 (EST/ GMT-5). Seams he had a log file fill up to 2 gigs. There was 11 games that auto ran during that time, and the Game Admins can contact drewhead about rolling back if needed. Drewhead also put more games on hold that are set to run with in 24 hours.

The game "GRG IV: Enemy Unknown" was not affected.

10/16/05 :: Goof :: Say Something!

Games: Virtual mugging in MMORPG leads to arrest
In Japan a man has been arrested for beating up and rob characters in the online computer game Lineage II. Apparently he used bots to help make his character strong, and kills others and sells the things he gets online.

Oh, and get this quote "every form of theft and fraud in the real world will eventually be duplicated in cyberspace" What crime? beating/killing the other players is part of what was built into the game.

So, apparently every all players of MMORPG that includes any PvP are all criminals. *shudders to think if everyone in UO pressed charges*

I'll start linking to the news I find on this. Computer characters mugged in virtual crime spree

8/18/05 :: Goof :: Say Something!

Hardware: Ultimate Keyboard
I'm sure many people have seen keyboards made for gamers. But how would you like a keyboard that you can change what is displayed on the keys via software? The "Optimus keyboard" is a keyboard that does just this. No more looking for that key you never use but need it now. Each key is a display that you can configure to displace words or images.

8/12/05 :: Goof :: Say Something!

Games: Valve Steams Gamers
Well a number of half life 2 players are rather unhappy because they are unable to play the game they bought, but first a little background.

When half life 2 was released, they sold it through the normal tyrant publishing houses, and online. This online sales / authentication system is called Steam. This is all fine and dandy, but for one to play Half-life 2 (or other games using steam) it requires authentication with the steam service, even for single player mode. A lot of people hated it then for fair use and privacy issues, but even more people hate it now.

Why? Because the what if scenario that the fair use crowed happened. The “What if the Valve Steam servers went down?” When this happens(ed), people can not play their purchased games. What is really funny, because of this, people who didn't pay, or applied cracks to these games, can play. So, for a better quality game, you are now suppose to pirate it?

Now, let me summarize what is being said Valve (or anyone else) should not be allowed to sell you something and then claim that you don't actually have any rights to use it. And that all these copy protection scheems only hurt the legit user who bought the product.

Steam comes out of Half Life 2 players' ears
My opinion about Steam? It simply sucks

1/31/05 :: Goof :: Say Something!

Internet: Security Vulnerabilities In Mozilla and Firefox
Mozilla and Firefox users are uged to upgrade to the latest version if they haven't already because of a number of security vulnerabilities. Users are urged to avoid download links from untrusted sources pending the availability of patches from the Mozilla project.

The latest versions as of this writing are: Mozilla 1.7.5 and Firefox 1.0.

Download the latest Mozilla or Firefox.

More information at Security Focus and Slashdot.

1/7/05 :: Goof

Games: Creative Strong Arms id Software
In a not very shocking move, Creative Labs uses litigation to get what they want. This time, they strong armed id Software using a patent of a technology they did not create. However the surprising part about it was id not take a stand against Creative. John Carmack claims that it is better for the gamer if they backdown and still use the zfail method. The cost is that Doom3 will now have EAX support for creative sound cards.

Now that looks good at first. But a few small details, id Software has always taken a vendor independent approach when creating their engines. Also, this patent, was created by someone else, who posted it on Creatives own public dev boards prior to the submitting of the patent. And to top it off, Creative is trying to make it look like they are doing id a favor. My only qualm is not only do I want innovative products that work well but corporations that behave in a responsible and fair manner.

And John Carmack: "The patent situation well and truly sucks."

Creative Labs is known for its strong armed tactics in suing smaller companies with better technology out of the market.

For those looking for a good sound card, PCAVTech Soundcard Benchmarks

More news on this subject at beyond3d and Slashdot.

7/28/04 :: Goof

Games: Doom III is now GOLD!
The game many of us have been waiting for! Doom 3 has gone GOLD! id Software has approved the final version to be pressed onto CD's. You can read the .plan file of id Software's CEO Todd Hollenshead. It looks like the stores will begin selling them on August 5th. So go a head and pre-order those copies.

Doom 3 info and releases

Doom3 Official Site

7/14/04 :: Goof

Games: Blizzard Now Owns Domain
Not sure when this happened, as I was just on my rounds checking on what is happening with bnetd. And found that it went to a Blizzard's website. Thinking the bnetd team could have just redirected it to Blizzards website for the time being(or by court order), I checked the whois database.

Last Updated On:04-Jun-2004 21:13:21 UTC
Registrant Name:Isaac Matarasso
Registrant Organization:Blizzard Entertainment
Registrant Street1:PO BOX 18979
Registrant City:Irvine
Registrant State/Province:CA
Registrant Postal Code:92623
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.9499551380

A bummer that the bnetd team seams to be throwing in the towel. I don't see any other news about it. No court order forcing them either.

6/17/04 :: Goof

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