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Rules And Guidelins

Stay In Character:
I'm sure there is the obvious parts where you don't talk about our of game things, or say net acronyms.(lol, brb, rofl, stfu) But really, staying in character is more than that, its not going out of character. Define you character and be consistant.

Respect Others:
Just for starters I am going to name a few things that don't show respect for other players. Res Killing, trash talking, dry looting, and cursing. Need I say more?

Stick With Dwarf Requirements:
By nature we are non magical. This means no one can have any magery skill unless it was earned and you need high resist.(GM)

Mule/craft type skill is a must, talk to us about it.

Dwarfs lack the elvish grace and movment. We aren't able to hide nearly as well (< 50 hiding skill) and can not stealth. Again an exception may be made if a thief earns it.

We do have some armor/weapon restictions. Can't use katana, kryss, normal bow, and normal spear. Only metal armor may be worn, studed leather is questionable.

Obey The leaders:
This is part of staying in character, but is important enough to be its own rule. If a leader wants you to do soemthing that you think is wrong, let another leader know.

No Cheating:
There are many forms off cheating, some aren't as bad as others, but it is still cheating. This includes everything from using uo extreme to gating out of dugeons.(You can't gate or recall in/out of dungeons on
Siege Perilous.)

No Twinks:
I think most of this falls under respecting others.