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Role Playing

Dwarfs stand from 3 1/2 feet to 5 feet tall. While being shorter than the other races, we are stocky and very strong. This helps us in dealing with our many enemies. We enjoy our crafts, ale, gold/gems, and tavern hoping.

We don't trust humans, orcs and elves to say the least. Lots of bad things have happened between our races. Whenever an issue comes up Dwarfs remember all the bad things from the past and use them for reason to hate the other race.

We are rowdy and greedy but not "evil". We do have honour, but not in the human sense. While humans like to talk about honour we actually practice it. Punishment will be given to dwarves who a) Go out of character. b) Grief other players for no good reason other than to be cruel. c) Fail to follow other guild rules. Repeated offenders can expected to be kicked out of the guild.

We use a few elvish words (as the dwarves secret language is revealed to none) mixed with old enlish/scottish/irish. The words we do use are; Ai (Yes), Nai (No), Menu (You), Or (I), Ugmis (Human), Urk (orc), Namarie (Bye), Aiya (Hello).

Things to Note

  • We are not PKs.
  • We are as smart as humans.
  • By nature magic is foriegn to us.
  • We dislike humans.
  • We war urks.
  • We are greedy.
  • We stand together as a race.
  • We are civilized
  • We take pride in our craftmanship.
  • We live in the mountians.
  • We dont back down from a fight.
  • We defend our homeland no matter what the cost. House banning is against the rules !
  • We dont run to Guard Zone.
  • We demand respect in the form of gems, ale , food or gold from trepassers in our land. Other peoples lands are their business.