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Joining Baraz Khazad

Create A New Character:
To become a Dwarf you need to recreate your character. Pick out a
Dwarvish name, preferably first and last. Be sure to pick a Long beard/mustache. Almost any hair style with earthy colored hair [no purple or green, no mohawk] will do.

Naming Yourself:
Choose a name that fits your dwarf character. I have a list of
examples that you can pick though and modify to your liking. Last thing is to do a search to see if your name conflicts with an existing characters name.

Limitations & Expectations:

Plan on being red with no access to a bank. We are reds to show our disdain for conventional law, not because we go around wacking every blue that moves. Exceptions are made for pure craftsmen. Banks are not off limits, but human towns don't welcome red Dwarfs.

By nature we are non magical. This being said no one starts with any magery skill, and you will need to either start with resist or buy it up to the max.

Mule/craft type skill is a must, talk to us about it.

Low hiding (< 50) and no stealthing are allowed although some exceptions will be made for thieves. Again this needs to be discussed with leadership.

We do have some armor/weapon restictions. Can't use katana, kryss, normal bow, and normal spear. Only metal armor may be worn, studead leather is questionable.


Language is mostly old english with a burly type of accent mixed with a few elvish words as dwarfs don't reveal their secret language to others. Menu(you), Or(me,I), Ai(yes), Nai(no), Aiya(Hi), Namarie(Bye).

To Make A Dwarf