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Hirelings are Mercenaries that you can hire to fight by your side. Hirelings are very loyal and fight to the death. Hirelings are very useful. Every player should have one! The Hireling follows you and automatically attacks any monsters or hostile players nearby. You can also see them on your Automap as an aqua colored "X". You can only have one Hireling at a time. Each party member can have their own Hireling however bringing the total to 8 Mercenaries in a full game or party.

Hirelings in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction come with their own set of attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Health, Damage, Defense, and Experience. As Hirelings kill monsters, they gain experience points. When they gain enough experience points to reach a new level, their attributes automatically improve. You can also improve their attributes by equipping them with better equipment (see below). Keep in mind that Hirelings aren't just paid mercenaries--they are co-adventurers. They fully share experience for their kills with you, and they receive a smaller share of experience for monsters that you kill.

Mercenary Type Location Equipment Level Up Stats Skills

Rogue Scout

Act I


Armor, Helms, Bows (no Crossbows)

Cannot use Amazon-only equipment.

+1 Strength
+2 Dexterity
+6.5 Defense
+2 all Resist
+8 Life
Ice Arrow and Inner Sight, or Fire Arrow and Inner Sight

Desert Mercenaries

Act II


Armor, Helms, Spears, Polearms

+1.5 Strength
+1.5 Dexterity
+9.5 Defense
+2 all Resist
+10 Life
 Hired in Normal
Combat - Jab / Prayer
Defense - Jab / Defiance
Offense - Jab / Blessed Aim

Hired in Nightmare
Combat - Jab / Thorns
Defense - Jab / Holy Freeze
Offense - Jab / Might

Hired in Hell
Combat - Jab / Prayer
Defense - Jab / Defiance
Offense - Jab / Blessed Aim




Armor, Helms, Shields, Swords

They do not use their sword as a melee weapon; find one that is good for casting spells.

+1.5 Strength
+1.5 Dexterity
+4.5 Defense
+2 all Resist
+6 Life

Lightning - Charged Bolt and Lightning

Fire - Inferno and Fireball

Cold - Glacial Spike or Ice Blast and Frozen Armor


Act V


Armor, Helms, Barbarian Helms, Swords (can't dual wield

Can wear Barbarian class-specific helms.

+2 Strength
+1.5 Dexterity
+7.5 Defense
+1.5 all Resist
+12 Life
Bash or Stun


  • Once you have hired a Hireling they appear near you with their icon in the upper left corner. At the top of the Hireling's Icon is their health bar. You can toggle their Icon on and off with the Z key.
  • Hirelings improve in Attack Rating (because the hireable level is a factor), and they also fully heal when they level up.
  • You cannot harm your Hirelings and they cannot harm you or your party members.
  • NPCs in town will heal your Hireling. The Paladin Prayer Aura or Holy Bolt Skill will also heal your Hirelings. Party friendly skills and spells will also work on Hirelings. Wells will also heal Hirelings and other minions. You can use Potions to Heal your Hirelings as well.
  • There are no Hirelings available in Act IV. There are none that would brave the horrors of Act IV for merely gold. You can take your existing Hirelings into Act IV however.
  • Hirelings will die of Poison if you do not heal them.
  • Mercenaries can be healed with healing potions, antidote potions, or wells, and are also affected by the Paladin's Holy Bolt or Prayer Aura.
  • Mercenaries can die, not only by losing hit points, but also from being poisoned. If they are still poisoned when they get back to town, they can still die, until they are healed by the local healer.
  • Mercenaries can now follow you between Acts; so it is possible to keep your original Act I mercenary, if you wish.
  • You can equip your mercenary with weapons, helms, and armor. The items you give them will not need repair, so this is a good way to use those Ethereal items.
  • Mercenaries are also affected by Resistances, and when they level up, their resistances will increase. Just like player characters, mercenaries will start Nightmare and Hell difficulty games with Resistance penalties.
  • Mercenaries have unlimited Mana, and can cast player spells, although you can't control which spells they will use when.
  • Mercs do not lose experience when killed in Nightmare/Hell.
  • The most important mod to have on a weapon or equipment for a merc is Life Steal. Mercs do not use mana, so Mana Leach is useless.
  • Mercs will also get the benefit from partial set item bonuses.
  • Mercenaries can level up to 98, but can never level up higher than you.




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