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   HTML 101
  HTML 101!

You can make a simple web page by using the tags bellow with out a special editor. Just type in text in notepad or any other text editor. Be sure to save as a plain text file with the file name ending with .html

Tags are HTML (hypertext markup language) commands. Codes which are typed in a document to control the way the document is displayed by a browser. You must have the tag in the middle of the less (<) and greater (>) than signs. To end the tags use the slash (/) sign after the the second less (<) sign.

The code to a basic web page will look like this.
  Code Description
  <html> Begin Webpage
  <head> Starts Header
  <title>Your Title</title> Page title
  </head> Ends Header
  <body> Starts the body of the webpage
  Hello World! Text and the body of the page
  </body> ends the body
  </html> ends the webpage

This would produce a rather plain looking webpage, where you would see "Your Title" in your web browsers title bar, and the text "Hello World!" would be the only thing on the page.

Note: HTML is not case sensitive. <html> is the same as <HTML>. However, when you make links or images, the file name is usually case sensitive.

Let us go over some of the tags.

Main Body Tags

Name Command Description
Document Type <HTML></HTML> Hyper Text Markup Language
Title <TITLE></TITLE> Title of your page
Header <HEAD></HEAD> Title shown on the page
Body <BODY></BODY> Body/Text of your page


Text Tags

Name Command Description
BOLD <B></B> Bold text
ITALIC <I></I> Italic text
PARAGRAPH <P></P> New paragraph
HARD RETURN <BR></BR> Hard return
BLINKING <BLINK></BLINK> Blinking text
FONT COLORS <FONT COLOR="990000"></FONT> Colored font
FONT SIZE <FONT SIZE="+2"></FONT> Font size


Name Command Description
Images <IMG SRC="mypicture.jpg"> Shows picture
Link <a href="">GRGZone</a> Creates a link to a page or website
Horizontal Rules <HR> Creates a line across the page