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  DSL Types!
DSL Type Max Speed RX Max Speed TX
ADSL 9 Mbps 800Kbps
CDSL 1Mbps <1Mbps
HDSL 1.544Mbps 1.544Mbps
IDSL 155Kbps 155Kbps
SDSL 1.168Mbps 1.168Mbps
UDLS No Standard No Standard
VDSL (asymmetric) 52.8Mbps 6.4Mbps
VDSL (symmetric) 34Mpbs 34Mbps
VADSL See VDSL asymmetric See VDSL asymmetric
G.Lite 1.536Mbps 512 Kbps
  • ADSL: Asymmetric DSL. Runs over normal phone lines simultaneously with normal phone. Has different speeds up and down(asymmetric)
  • BDSL: An uncommon name for VDSL
  • CDSL: Consumer DSL. A type of ADSL standard proposed by Rockwell that does not use CAP or DMT
  • HDSL: High speed SDSL. Similar to point to point T1. Faster implementation of SDSL
  • IDSL: Uses ISDN signaling over normal phone line hence the 144 Kbps restriction
  • RADSL: Rate Adaptive ADSL. ADSL implementation where the DSL modems auto-negotiate the highest possible speed on the line
  • SDSL: Symmetric DSL. Runs over normal phone lines but cannot use phone while connected. Same speed up and down(symmetric)
  • UDSL: Unidirectional HDSL as proposed by a company in Europe. Also stands for Universal DSL as proposed by Compaq, Intel and Microsoft
  • VDSL: Very high speed DSL. Can run both symmetric and asymmetric
  • VADSL: Very high speed ADSL. The asymmetric part of VDSL
  • xDSL: A generic term for DSL
  • G.Lite: A new form of "plug and play" DSL being developed