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Hit enter to bring up the message bar, type in the appropriate cheat message and hit enter again - a message will appear to tell you the cheat has been activated. To switch the cheat back off, simply type it in again ( will not be able to turn some cheats off )

Cheat Codes:

Code Results
YOU PITIFUL WORM Instant loss.
IT IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE Makes you invincible to everything except magic, and it makes you stronger.
GLITTERING PRIZES Gives you and your opponent 10000 gold, 5000 lumber and 5000 oil (use as often as you like).
VALDEZ Extra oil (use as often as you like).
SPYCOB Gives you 5000 oil (use as often as you like).
EVERY LITTLE THING SHE DOES Gives you all magic and infinite manna.
HATCHET, AXE AND SAW Extra lumber (use as often as you like).
NEVER A WINNER No victory possible.
DECK ME OUT Upgrades shields, amour and weapons.
MAKE IT SO Faster building, training and upgrading.
TIGERLILY Enables cheat mode for skipping levels.
ORCxx/HUMANxx Jump to mission (replace xx with the mission number).
ON SCREEN Reveals the entire map.
NOGLUES Lets you walk through magical traps unharmed.
THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE Takes you to the end of the game.
HATCHET Harvest lumber in just 2 chops.
ALLOWSYNC Allows you to surrender during multiplayer games.
FAST DEMO Makes the demo screens at the main menu start faster.
NETPROF Red lines in the background.
UGLA Displays "Go Bruins!" on the screen.
DAY Displays "fief" on the screen.



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