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Game: Ultima Online

Category: MMORPG
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Win32
Released: 9/30/1997
ESRP: Teen
Rating: 56%

Long before there arose a young wizard named Mondain. As Mondain grew in age and knowledge, so grew his unquenchable thirst for power and discontent with mortal life. He became obsessed with transcending mortality and gaining perpetual life. Eventually, he learned of the treasured Gem of Immortality, which grants unimaginable power and everlasting life to its owner.

Once imbued with the power of immortality, Mondain used the Gem as a means to rule the world until a Stranger arrived, determined to destroy the very source of Mondain's existence. Having journeyed for years throughout Sosaria, this Stranger's quest was to free the land and people from Mondain's dark, shadowy rule. After many battles, he travelled to the ruler's lair and felled the evil sorcerer by shattering the gem. As the essence of immortality was loosed upon the land, the very fabric of the universe began to unravel. And with the power of the Gem gone, Mondain himself was eliminated.

It is also rumoured that when the Gem was shattered, thousands of splintered fragments scattered across the universe. Within each facet purportedly lies the very image of Sosaria, just as it was captured during Mondain's ritual.

As you join the surreal world of Ultima Online you will meet and interact with creatures, ugh... people, from all over the globe who's physique and general appearance seem normal. Your objective is to garner wealth and strength by purchasing or bartering for goods (when you choose to play as a good guy) or by trickery, deceit or even murder if you are feeling cruel. But take note, everyone in this world (including yourself) has the ability to be whoever or whatever they like and things are seldom as simple as they seem.

System Requirements:
UO has two main client types, an older 2d and a 3d one. This game requires an internet connection. As always the better system the better performance.

2D Client

Minimum Recommend
Win 95/98/NT 4.0
200 Mhz processor 500 Mhz processor
32 MB Ram 128 MB Ram
4x CD-ROM Drive  
600 MB Free HD Space  
DirectX Video Card  

Ultima Online.

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