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It is out noble call to hold back the dark plague of hostile aliens that invade our boarders and spread crime, death, and disorder to our member worlds. Only our fleet can be the arsenal of freedom that can stop the Cyborg menace. We strike from the darkness and leave as silently as we came. Unseen and very deadly. Our enemies fear us. We are the invisible warriors.


Sneaky types with the best cloakers around. Did someone say Romulans? Especially good versus Borg.






  • Stealth ground bases (sensor image of only 20, other races have ground bases with sensor images of 800)
  • Great spy powers
  • Stealth fighter wings
  • Speed 25 cargo pods
  • Good at ground attack
  • Good growth rate
  • Good income
  • 50% of all Cyborg "killed" in ground combat are reclaimed as colonists
  • Avians like Birdmen more than the other races
  • Cloaking starbase
  • Engines give off half normal engine noise
  • Highly resistant to probe launchers detecting ground bases
  • The Resolute, Darkwing, and Darkwing G are immune to Tachyon scanners
  • Most ships cloak
  • Cloaked Minesweepers
  • The Darkwing is a very powerful ship that can cloak, mount the largest of large ship weapons and can mount a super weapon.
  • The Birdmen are master spies. High Guard on enemy ships do not protect against Birdmen spies attempting to steal plans.
  • Ship scanners give off double normal noise
  • No alchemy ship device
  • Most ship designs have very weak scanners
  • Most ships have very weak tow beams
  • Unable to create Gravitonic Minefields.


Growth Rate 128
Colonist to Crew 110
Crew to Troop 85
Troop to Highguard 120
Colonist Combat 22
Crew Combat 15
Troop Combat 65
Highguard Combat 105


Income 120
Mineral Mining 70
Happiness 95
Pod Speed 25
Minimum Farm Climate 35
Maximum Farm Climate 85
Favorite Climate 61

Spy and Government

Dark Powers 25
Light Powers 80
Political Correctness 10
Spy Rating 118
PSI Rating 78
Leadership 55
Public Relations 140
Lawfulness 110
Special Buildings Labor Camp
Labor Mine
Can Not Build Terraformer

Contraband Likes

Grecken Blood Wine 190
Repterrian Psi - Geese 60




How to play:
Place photon torpedoes on your high attack bonus ships. Use the very fast Deth Specula to disrupt enemy freighter runs. Take advantage of your strong ground combat power to capture lightly guarded enemy bases. Be careful not to destroy your own fighter craft with the Nemesis Torpedo super weapon. Your scanners are weak on most ships so be sure to build Skyfire class ships to be your eyes. Have Skyfires travel ahead of your cloaked ships. Use the Darkwings with world crusher missiles to get close to unshielded enemy bases while under cloak. Fire the world crusher missiles and return to cloak and move to a new location. Board enemy ships from cloaked ships. If the enemy is grouping to attack your fleet scatter your ships and take out many of their bases at once. If the enemy is spreading out to defend his planets group your ships into strong fleets and take out his spread out ships a few at a time. Try to make friends with other races, they would most likely want to trade ship plans or want you to help them fight the Cyborg. One of the most powerful attacks you can use on an enemy ship is a boarding action from a Deth Specula using all Birdmen High Guard Rangers. Your boarding High Guard will be able to kill 2 to 50 enemy crew and guests each and get away back to your cloaked ship if they fail to take the enemy ship. Packs of Deth Speculas can do a lot of harm to an enemy ship's crew.


Other Facts:
  • The Darkwing G can fire through Cyborg shields
  • The Darkwing G can fire through enemy Birdmen shields and have a 1000 armor arc bonus against Birdmen ships
  • The Resolute, Darkwing, and Darkwing G are immune to Tachyon scanners