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Humor: <RANT> American Food </RANT>
This rant goes out to all the people of the world not from America.

<RANT> I have heard time after time, from foreigners, that they love American food, and ate it ever day upon coming here, but now they are sick of it. And to find out, they have been eating at Mc Donalds or some other fast food.

THAT IS NOT AMERICAN FOOD! That is what fat people do with their spare time. If it was good, they wouldn't be giving out free things just to get you there. You want American food? Go eat some potatoes(mashed or baked) with turkey, stuffing, and some corn. Drink cold homongnized pasteurized milk. And then have some pie.

Eating at fast food places would be like going to Italy and ordering pizza from Dominos. Or going to Japan only to eat instant ramen!</RANT>

3/12/04 :: Goof

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