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We are always looking to make the big score. We are the masters of thievery and contraband smuggling. We steal what the weak can not protect and use it against them. Our wars are won by bankrupting our enemies and depriving them of the means of waging war.


Parasites, can steal most everything and needs too. Economy and warfare is dependent on natives/contra/stealing. Very weak ships, and planets. Completely dependent on other races for cleaning up mine fields. Can only build farms on very few planets. Not a beginner race.






  • High growth rate
  • Can steal fuel, crew, and cargo from ships
  • Can steal food and money from bases
  • Fastest pods at 120 LY per turn
  • Boarding attack power for troops increase at a rate of ( Experience / 100 ) So an experience level of 240 gives a ship a 240% boarding combat bonus.
  • The Meteor Class Blockade Runner has fast Hype and Gravitonic Accelerator.
  • Enemies are force to combat you in different ways than they use for any other race.
  • Ship scanners get a 200% bonus when it comes to scanning enemy ground bases
  • All ship weapons have a 400% kill bonus against enemy crew and guests
  • If a Privateer designed ship enters battle with the plans of an enemy ship all the Privateer designed ships in the battle get a 400% shield and armor drain bonus against that type of enemy ship
  • Receive 20,000 MC in HQ at turn 4
  • Can not build cities (your income is not from cities)
  • Unable to smelt metal ore
  • Unable to use alien hull plans to build new ships
  • Unable to give hull plans to another race
  • Pods can not hold alien hull plans
  • Very poor metals mining rate
  • Lawless race, colonists grow very unhappy if you try to tax them at high levels.
  • Very narrow farming range, it is very hard to find good farming planets
  • Very poor income rate, your income is not from taxes.
  • The privateers lack several major Base Buildings that are essential for most races.
  • Bases with 1 million or more colonist are 3 times as noisy(easier to see with scanner)
  • No mine sweepers
  • Unable to lay barbitic minefields
  • No way of destroying enemy minefields
  • Scanners have a very low chance of detecting minefield, They have 1/8 the normal chance of detecting enemy mines.
  • Only ships can train crew, troops and high guard. (double edge sword)
  • Ships are costly and make poor warships.
  • No alchemy ship device


Growth Rate 145
Colonist to Crew 111
Crew to Troop 30
Troop to Highguard 40
Colonist Combat 35
Crew Combat 40
Troop Combat 50
Highguard Combat 110


Income 40
Mineral Mining 25
Happiness 160
Pod Speed 120
Minimum Farm Climate 46
Maximum Farm Climate 53
Favorite Climate 50

Spy and Government

Dark Powers 10
Light Powers 0
Political Correctness 0
Spy Rating 60
PSI Rating 5
Leadership 10
Public Relations 1
Lawfulness 1
Special Buildings Pirates Cove
Can Not Build Anti-Aircraft Guns
Base Shield
Training Center
Raid Shelter
Med Lab
Ship Repair Plant
Laser Cannons
Ion Cannon

Contraband Likes

Illegal Books 10
VR-6x Holochips 70
Stim-Bright Pills 170
Grecken Blood Wine 140
Handguns 120
Illegal Music CDs 91
Lerchin Spices 10
Alpha Wave Floggers 10
Vaggen War Hounds 2
Repterrian Psi - Geese 3




How to play:
Early game you need to get contraband and natives. I would also look for famable and heavy Neutronium planets. Raise your Tech levels to build a Lady Royale, your steady income will depend on her. The Meteor Class Blockade Runner is to Privateers as the Cubes is to the Borg. The dwarf is a poor but acceptable subsitute, just like how borg has the Quititus.

Make a special effort to get your hands on as many mine sweeper ships as possible. Minefields are your number one weakness. Weak and costly warships are the number two so try to aquire some bigger ships. (not Evil Empire or Lizards)

Consider breaking your empire up into many worlds spaced far apart. Try to hide in places that nobody has yet moved into yet. If attacked by an overwhelming force consider just running away. Maybe build a jump gate just for escaping if attacked. Lay a ring of gravitonic minefields around your populated worlds so that you will have an early warning of attack as ships slow down or are stopped by the minefield, especially ones with hyper drives.

Ship Experience and Training:
Privateers can only train Crew, Troops, and HG on ships. Training crew only needs colonist on board and room for crew, but for troops and highguard you need 50 and 100 experience on the ship. You will also need to know the ways to best get experience other than combat since your ships leave much to be desired in the battle field.

  • Ships can train 5% of their crew needs per turn from any colonists on the ship
  • Ships with an experience level above 50 can train 5% of the colonists on the ship to be troops
  • Ships with an experience level above 100 can train 10% of the troops on the ship to be high guard
  • Stealing cargo from an enemy resupply pod is worth 10 experience points
  • Stealing food from an enemy base with the cargo grappler is worth 10 experience points
  • The money tap stealing more than 5000 mc is worth 25 experience points
  • Stealing an alien hull plan from an enemy base with the hull plan napper is worth 50 experience points
  • Stealing an alien hull plan from an enemy ship's computer core is worth 20 experience points
  • Stealing an alien hull plan from an enemy gold pod that is docked with an enemy ship is worth 10 experience points
  • Taking a Privateer hull ship away from an enemy by spacing their crew with the "Auto Capture" attack is worth 30 experience points
  • Using a boarding laser on an enemy ship is worth 5 points and 10 points if the enemy is using a hull that is not of their own design

Other Facts:
  • Boarding attack power for troops increase at a rate of ( Experience / 100 ) So an experience level of 240 gives a ship a 240% boarding combat bonus.
  • Ships unable to beam cargo to enemy bases
  • Ships can only beam cargo to friendly alien bases if the ship is using the target race's universal friendly code
  • Privateer bases cause colonists on other bases belonging to other empires within 200LY to grow unhappy due to having to be near them. Other empires loose 10 points per Privateer base near them. All natives except for the Ghipsoldals also loose 10 happy points a turn. The Evil Empire is immune to happiness drops.
  • If any race shares data with the Privateers the Privateers will be able to see that race's universal friendly code